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A Failure That Is Only Whispered About
by James Dunnigan
April 9, 2012

Despite the cease fire with Islamic terror groups in Gaza, rockets continue to be fired into southern Israel. But fewer rockets are fired so by the standards of Islamic terrorists, it's a truce. The terrorists keep firing in the hopes that an Israeli retaliation (usually smart bombs or missiles fired from aircraft) will kill women and children. This makes for great anti-Israeli propaganda, which is what all this rocket firing is about. The Arab governments and terrorists accept the fact that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, but they see more success in portraying Israel as the bad guy in Western media and eventually getting Western nations to impose sanctions on Israel or even take military action. That's a long shot but it seems more achievable than a battlefield victory.

The new Egyptian government, dominated by Moslem Brotherhood members, is more willing to allow Hamas to operate in Egypt. This is because Hamas began as a branch of the Moslem Brotherhood and the Egyptian Islamic radicals believe they can do business with Hamas (which is more radical than their Egyptian counterparts). Eventually, Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood politicians will discover that Hamas is too radical, and violent, to deal with. Moreover, Hamas is still sponsored and financed by Iran, which wants to get Egyptian support for Iran dominating Islam worldwide. That will never work because Iran is non-Arab and Shia. But for the moment, Egypt is giving Hamas more freedom of movement. For Israel this means that Hamas terrorists operate freely in the Sinai Desert, which is supposed to be kept free of Islamic terrorism by Egyptian police (per the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt). 

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