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Subject: Obama to GOP(And a lot of SP posters): I Won
DarthAmerica    1/23/2009 5:16:29 PM
By: Jonathan Martin and Carol E. Lee January 23, 2009 04:49 PM EST President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning - but he also left no doubt about who's in charge of these negotiations. "I won," Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation. The exchange arose as top House and Senate Republicans expressed concern to the president about the amount of spending in the package. They also raised red flags about a refundable tax credit that returns money to those who don’t pay income taxes, the sources said. The Republicans stressed that they want to include more middle class tax cuts in the package, citing their proposal to cut the two lowest tax rates — 15 percent and 10 percent — to ten percent and five percent, rather than issue the refundable credit Obama wants. At another point in the meeting, sources said Obama told the group: “This is a grave situation facing the country.” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama would hold another economic meeting in the White House Saturday for a "broader group." After Friday's meeting, Democratic and Republican leaders publicly wrangled over the developing stimulus plan. But perhaps taking a cue from Obama’s “I won” line when Democrats were asked if they were concerned about Republicans blocking the package, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a swift one-word answer: “No.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill was on track for passage by February 16, while Republicans continued to voice their opposition. “We expressed our concerns about some of the spending that’s being proposed in the House bill,” House Minority Leader John Boehner said after meeting with Obama. “How can you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives?” Boehner asked. “How does that stimulate the economy?” Boehner said congressional Republicans are also concerned about the size of the package. “Government can’t solve this problem,” he said. Reid said a Congressional Budget Office report that says the stimulus funds won’t be pumped into the economy until 2010 doesn’t provide an accurate picture. Republicans have used the report to back up their argument against a near $1 trillion package. But Reid said Obama Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag told them CBO only analyzed 40 percent of the bill. He also said Orszag guaranteed “that at least 75 percent of the bill would go directly into the economy within the first 18 months.” Pelosi suggested that the package, currently at $825 billion, could become even larger. “It has grown,” Pelosi said, “and we’re still in the process.” Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the No. 2 House Republican, said Obama’s team was receptive to some Republican ideas about increasing benefits to small businesses. But, he said, “There are some philosophical questions that may not be able to be resolved.” Some Republican plans were clearly non-starters with the new president, he said – including GOP calls to put off tax hikes during the recession. “He rejected that out of hand and said we couldn’t have any hard and fast rules like that,” said Cantor. Lisa Lerer and Josh Gerstein contributed. © 2008 Capitol News Company, LLC --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hugs and Kisses -DA
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PlatypusMaximus       1/23/2009 5:35:41 PM
Are you sure it wasn't a question?
Obama Pelosi and Reid are going to show us a thing or two....wait!...I'm sorry that I went crazy...I wanted McCain to be president so bad that I lost my head.
Not sure how many more time we need to say good of luck.

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PlatypusMaximus       1/23/2009 6:33:33 PM
No need to waste a single minute of the day talking to republicans..They're completely out of power.
It only becomes a question of can business get back, from you, the $1.50/day, of theirs, that got shuffled around?
Look around and see how many brand names you can count in 30 seconds.
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PlatypusMaximus       1/24/2009 7:48:49 AM
I knew we lost after 90% of us opposed the 1st round of bailouts, (which was really the 4th or 5th) then they passed anyway, and suddenly those polls vanished from the media...been gone ever since. Nanzi is writting this bill in her office..Obama was probably quoting her.
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HERALD1357    Enjoy sdocialism while you are on the dole, Darth.    1/24/2009 12:41:01 PM
I can read the economic numbers. Can you?

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CJH       1/24/2009 3:50:43 PM
I have to wonder who Obama was trying to convince.
Why does he think that will change anything.
Or maybe he just expected Boehner to fall down and worship him the way the others do and can't deal with resolute opposition.
After all, he has had everything handed to him so far.
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timon_phocas    It's all about the "O"   1/24/2009 4:22:31 PM
President Obama wants a bipartisan flavor to his stimulus (or should that be, "sedative") plan. That way, when the economy tanks the Democrats won't have to bear the blame alone. Mister Obama's concept of "post-partisan" leadership, however, simply means that he expects everyone else to agree with him. Not to worry, Senator McCain is always willing to condemn fellow Republicans in order to retain his coveted "maverick" image. After all, it did so much for him in the last election.  
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Necromancer    Please folks get the full history & facts right   1/24/2009 7:20:17 PM
After the DOT COM bust Bush and Greenspan lowered interests rates to ward off a major recession that was due that created the greatest bubble in mankind with hedge funds leveraged to $500trillion. Obama's $1trillion rescue is puny compared to what his predeseccor created- truly an error of biblical proportions(Bush was a born again christian- perhaps Buddhism and Dalai Lamas frugality would be a better religion fo most to consider after this- look what he did after reading the bible), while Obamas spend spend may not be ideal could someone tell me how do you plan to create jobs for the 7% unemployed and another 13% percent underemployed or quit looking. Government spending ain't good but no country has ever come out of major recession without government intervention. Remember where we are after Bush's $500 trillion in leveraged equity hedge funds mountain- and u r bitchin' about $1trillion. GO OBAMA!!!
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appleciderus    Humbug!   1/24/2009 7:43:23 PM
The US came out of the Carter created  depression by lowering taxes and allowing the economy to correct itself. Depression you ask? Un-employment was double digit nationwide, over 30% in Michigan, inflation was double digit, as were interest rates. (I had to buy a business vehicle and paid 16% on an auto loan)

I wish Bush haters and slogan slingers would get their facts correct before shooting off their big mouths.

This financial crisis is Congress created and being used to fund the universal liberal wish list.

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YelliChink       1/24/2009 7:56:29 PM">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">><\a>
Funny tax propaganda cartoon from WW2.
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timon_phocas    Market Solution?   1/24/2009 8:38:58 PM
while Obamas spend spend may not be ideal could someone tell me how do you plan to create jobs for the 7% unemployed and another 13% percent underemployed or quit looking. Government spending ain't good but no country has ever come out of major recession without government intervention.
I would try simplifying and lowering taxes. Make business in the United States easier to transact than anywhere else in the developed world. Then put in a guarantee that this regulatory environment would not be changed for a minimum of five years.
This financial panic did not come about because of  laissez faire economics. It came about because the government stepped in to guarantee profits for a financial  sector that was inherently risky (read, "unprofitable"). It tried to do this for political reasons, and it stepped in repeatedly to make sure that its financial instruments were never honestly audited or regulated. In effect, the US government gave people on Wall Street a blank check and then made sure that nobody examined them carefully.
This coincided with a coporate culture in which leaders did not own anything except their own compensation. If they failed, then the stockholders were left holding the bag. If they failed spectacularly, they always had Uncle Sam's blank check to fall back on. The leaders made sure that the government would let the good times roll by bribing (oops, it's more PC to say, "making campaign donations to") politicians. Those same politicians (more powerful than ever) are now piously condemning corporate greed and promising to punish Wall Street. 
Sure as hell, if you walk down dark alleys with hundred-dollar bills hanging out of every pocket, somebody is going to figure out how to mug you.  
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