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Subject: Mexican Navy ship listings
Mex101    2/12/2006 9:44:35 PM
Mexican Navy---- The Navy uses ARM insted of USS. Got this from "WAR SHIPS" Name (Number) (start of service) Destroyer-2 ships- Class Manuel Azueta-ARM "MANUEL AZUETA" (D 111) (SAAM:- 3/DIC/1973) Quetzalcoatl -ARM "NETZAHUALCOYOTL" (D 102) (SAAM:- 24/FEB/1982) Friget-6 ships-Class Bravo-ARM "BRAVO" (F 201) (SAAM:- 19/NOV/1993) ARM "GALEANA" (F 202) (SAAM:- 22/NOV/1993). Allende-ARM "ALLENDE" (F 211) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/1997) ARM "ABASOLO" (F 212) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/1997) ARM "VICTORIA" (F 213) (SAAM:- 16/MZO/2000) ARM ”MINA" (F 214) (SAAM:- 01/NOV/2002) Landing/amphibious-3 ships- Class Panuco-ARM "MANZANILLO" (A 402) (SAAM:- 01/JUL/1971 Papwloapan-ARM "PAPALOAPAN" (A 411) (SAAM:- 05/JUN/2001) ARM ”USUMACINTA" (A 412) (SAAM:- 05/JUN/2001) "PATROL BOATS" Oceanic-Crusier like,27 ships-class Valle-* ARM "BARRERA" (PO 102) (SAAM:- 19/SEP/1972) ARM "ESCOBEDO" (PO 103) (SAAM:- 8/ENE/1973) ARM "DOBLADO" (PO 104) (SAAM:- 7/ENE/1972) ARM "SANTOS" (PO 106) (SAAM:- 8/ENE/1973) ARM "ALVAREZ" (PO 108) (SAAM:- 1º/ENE/1973) ARM "ZAMORA" (PO 109) (SAAM:- 19/SEPT/1972) ARM "FARIAS" (PO 110) (SAAM:- 20/FEB/1973) ARM "ZARCO" (PO 112) (SAAM:- 20/FEB/1973) ARM "VALLARTA" (PO 113) (SAAM:- 1º/JUN/1973) ARM "ORTEGA" (PO 114) (SAAM:- 26/FEB/1973) ARM "MATAMOROS" (PO 117) (SAAM:- 12/ABR/1973) Uribe-ARM "URIBE" (PO 121) (SAAM:- 1º/AGO/1982) ARM "AZUETA" (PO 122) (SAAM:- 23/SEP/1982) ARM "BARANDA" (PO 123) (SAAM:- 1º/MAY/1983) ARM "BRETON" (PO 124) (SAAM:- 24/FEB/1983) ARM "BLANCO" (PO 125) (SAAM:- 24/FEB/1983) ARM "MONASTERIO" (PO 126) (SAAM:- 24/FEB/1983) Holzinger-ARM "HOLZINGER" (PO 131) (SAAM:- 1º/MAY/1991) ARM "GODINEZ" (PO 132) (SAAM:- 1º/NOV/1991) ARM "DE LA VEGA" (PO 133) (SAAM:- 16/MZO/1994) ARM "BERRIOZABAL" (PO 134) (SAAM:- 18/MZO/1994) Durango-(smallish sized)-ARM "DURANGO" (PO 151) (SAAM:- 11/09/2000) ARM "SONORA" (PO 152) (SAAM.- 04/SEP/2000) ARM ”GUANAJUATO" (PO 153) (SAAM:- 13/12/2001) ARM ”VERACRUZ" (PO 154) (SAAM:- 17/12/2001) Oaxaca-cruser size-ARM "OAXACA" (PO 161) (SAAM:- 01/MAY/2003) ARM "CALIFORNIA" (PO 162) (SAAM.- 01/ABR/2003) Coastal, Friget like-class 27ships Azteca- ARM "CORDOVA" (PC 202) (SAAM:- 6/ENE/1974) ARM "RAYON" (PC 206) (SAAM.- 18/ABR/1975) ARM "REJON" (PC 207) (SAAM:- 1º/DIC/1975) ARM "DE LA FUENTE" (PC 208) (SAAM:- 26/DIC/1975) ARM ”GUZMAN" (PC 209) (SAAM.- 1º/JUN/1975) ARM "RAMIREZ" (PC 210) (SAAM:- 1º/JUN/1975) ARM "MARISCAL" (PC 211) (SAAM:- 25/DIC/75) ARM "JARA" (PC 212) (SAAM.- 17/NOV/75) ARM "COLIMA" (PC 214) (SAAM:- 1º/JUL/75) ARM ”LIZARDI" (PC 215) (SAAM:- 1º/JUL/75) ARM "MUGICA" (PC 216) (SAAM.- 1º/JUN/1976) ARM "VELAZCO" (PC 218) (SAAM:- 1º/NOV/1976) ARM ”MACIAS" (PC 220) (SAAM:- 29/DIC/1976) ARM "TAMAULIPAS" (PC 223) (SAAM.- 18/MAY/1977) ARM "YUCATAN" (PC 224) (SAAM:- 18/MAY/1977) ARM ”TABASCO" (PC 225) (SAAM:- 1º/DIC/1978) ARM ”COCHIMIE" (PC 226) (SAAM.- 1º/DIC/1978) ARM "PUEBLA" (PC 228) (SAAM:- 1º/AGO/1982) ARM "VICARIO" (PC 230) (SAAM:- 1º/MAY/1977) ARM "ORTIZ" (PC 231) (SAAM.- 1º/JUN/1977) Democrata-ARM "DEMOCRATA" (PC 241) (SAAM:- 16/OCT/1997) Cabo-ARM "CORRIENTES" (PC 271) (SAAM:- 16/MZO/1990) ARM "CORZO" (PC 272) (SAAM:- 21/ABR/1990) ARM "CATOCHE" (PC 273) (SAAM:- 18/MZO/1991) Punta-ARM "MORRO" (PC 281) (SAAM:- 19/JUL/1991) ARM "MASTUN" (PC 282) (SAAM:- 16/JUL/1991) Interceptor,Small Ships-class 57 ships Polaris-ARM "POLARIS" (PI 1101) (SAAM:- 01/ENE/2000) ARM "SIRIUS" (PI 1102) (SAAM:- 01/ENE/2000) ARM "CAPELLA" (PI 1103) (SAAM:- 01/ENE/2000) ARM "CANOPUS" (PI 1104) (SAAM:- 16/ENE/2000) ARM "VEGA" (PI 1105) (SAAM:- 16/ENE/2000) ARM "ACHERNAR" (PI 1106) (SAAM:- 16/ENE/2000) ARM "RIGEL" (PI 1107) (SAAM:- 16/FEB/2000) ARM "ARTURUS (PI 1108) (SAAM:- 16/FEB/2000) ARM "ALPHERATZ" (PI 1109) (SAAM:- 16/MAR/2000) ARM "PROCYON" (PI 1110) (SAAM:- 16/MAR/2000) ARM "AVIOR" (PI 1111) (SAAM:- 06/ENE/2000) ARM "DEBEN" (PI 1112) (SAAM:- 06/MAY/2000) ARM "FOMALHUAT" (PI 1113) (SAAM:- 16/MAR/2000) ARM "POLLUX" (PI 1114) (SAAM:- 16/MAR/2000) ARM "REGULUS" (PI 1115) (SAAM:- 16/MAY/2000) ARM "ACRUX" (PI 1116) (SAAM:- 16/MAY/2000) ARM "SPICA" (PI 1117) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/2000) ARM "HADAR" (PI 1118) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/2000) ARM "SHAULA" (PI 1119) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/2000) ARM "MIRFAK" (PI 1120) (SAAM:- 16/AGO/2000) ARM "ANKAA" (PI 1121) (SAAM:- 01/NOV/2000) ARM "BELLATRIX" (PI 1122) (SAAM:- 01/NOV/2000) ARM "ARME
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Mex101    RE:Naval Aviation   2/15/2006 8:27:51 PM
Aircraft Type TotalDel'd Total Now Role Origin Aerospatiale AS555AF Fennec 4+ 2 SAR France Antonov An-32B 6+ 6 Transport/Patrol Ukraine Beech F33C Bonanza 1 4 10 Patrol USA Beech B55 Baron 10+ 6 Training/Patrol USA Beech Twin Bonanza 1 1 Patrol USA Beech King Air 90 1 1 Transport USA Bombardier Q200 Dash-8 1 1 Transport Canada Casa 212-200 10 8 Transport/Patrol Spain Cessna 152 2 6 Patrol USA Cessna 206 1 1 Patrol USA Cessna 337 2 2 Patrol USA Cessna 402/404 2/1 2/1 Patrol USA Cessna 441 Conquest 1 1 Patrol USA DHC-5D Buffalo 1 1 Transport Canada Hiller UH-12E 2 2 Training USA Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 3 3* Training Israel Lancair IVP 2 2 Training USA Lancair Super ES 2 2 Training USA Learjet 24D/25D 2/1 1/1 Transport USA Learjet 31A 1 1 Transport USA Learjet 35/36 1/1 1/1 Transport USA Learjet 60 1 1 Transport USA Maule MX-7-180 17 10 Training USA MBB Bo.105C/CBS 6/6 6/5 SAR/Patrol Germany MDH MD500E 4 4 Training USA MDH MD-902 8 8* SAR/Patrol USA Mil Mi-2 9+ 5 SAR/Transport Poland Mil Mi-8MTV-1 20 12-16 Transport/COIN Ukraine Mil Mi-17 2 2 Transport/COIN Russia? Mil Mi-24/Mi-25 Hind 4 4 Attack Ukraine Piper PA 23-250 Aztec 2 2 Patrol USA Robinson R-22 Mariner 2 2 Training USA Robinson R-44 Clipper 2 1 Training USA Rockwell Commander 980 2 2 Transport USA Rockwell Turbo Commander 1000 2 3 Transport USA Tonatiuh MX-1 6 3 Patrol Mexico Valmet L-90TP Redigo 12 6 Training/COIN Finland Zlin 242L 10 10 Training Czech Rep * = on delivery. Notes: A Rockwell Sabreliner was replaced in 1999 by a Learjet 31A and a Learjet 60 for the VIP role. Contrary to various reports, Mi-24/35 Hind attack helicopters are NOT used by the Mexican Navy. The first Rotor Way Exec 162F helicopter was written off in an accident on 11 December 2000. Six more Lancair IV-P/Super ES kits have been purchased for local assembly, possibly to replace the Maule trainers. Acquisition of 3 Lockheed P-3B Orion and SH-2G/F Seasprite helicopters was cancelled in May 2002 From about 8 Panthers AMPH-150 were deliverd to the UMS navy a while back this gives you pictures, You may not need to know spanish to understand This has pictures of land viechals that the navy owns, once agian very very little spanish is needed This is about the Mexican Marines some spanish is needed but there are nice pictures and easy to navagiate Have fun
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EW3    RE:Mexican Navy ship listings   4/1/2006 8:31:57 PM
Wonder who is sleeping in my rack? Served 72-74 on the ARM "BRAVO" when she was the USS McCloy.
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Mex101    RE:Mexican Navy ship listings   4/5/2006 3:27:39 PM
cool. I thought someone would reconize the names. "To the Escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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Mex101    RE:Mexican Navy ship listings   4/5/2006 3:31:57 PM here are some pictures of your "Old Friend" "To the Escpade Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!'
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Mex101       9/22/2006 3:30:21 PM
( this is a link that shows witch ships in the Navey carry hilecopters and how many and what kind.
just my latest update on Naval listings
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EW3       9/30/2006 5:55:05 AM


here are some pictures of your "Old Friend"

"To the Escpade Pod!

Yes, that is her.  She used to chase russian subs in the North Atlantic in the "good old days". 
Glad to see she is sailing warmer waters in retirement. 
You can see her records under USS McCloy DE-1038 (later FF-1038). 
In early 1973 while I was aboard, she got converted to a "research" vessel with several new experimental systems, like SATCOM and ITASS.  She is also known for an incident where a soviet Victor-III class ran into the ITASS she was towing off Bermuda in 1983. That was 9 years after I left the USN, so they couldn't blame me.
Any other pictures or links would be great.
Might also mention that ship produce 2 4 star admirals (including a CNO) as well as a 3 star admiral.   

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pwhallon       8/24/2009 2:57:36 PM
My Dad served on the P-104 Doblado when the ship was known as the USS Defense in WW-II.
I am trying to find out if she is still in service for the Mexican Navy. Seeing her on the list was very encouraging.
Paul Whallon
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