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Subject: Signs that Castro may be dead
PowerPointRanger    8/18/2006 11:42:06 PM
1) Full mobilization--Fidel has taken out every internal threat. Even in a hospital bed no one would dare move against him. Such a forceful reaction suggests fear, weakness, and vulnerability. The inference is Fidel is not calling the shots. 2) Raul Castro has hinted at normalized US relations. This is something he would never do if Fidel was alive. Fidel's regime survived by pointing to the threat of American invasion to divert attention from his own incompetence and corruption. Without the presenece of that threat, the regime must survive on its merits--starvation, poverty, and represssion, with health care coverage. It would be doomed to fall in short order. 3) The letters supposedly written by Fidel along with the "Weekend at Bernie's" photos were pretty unconvincing. Fidel is an egomaniac. If he were still alive, he would be in front of an audience giving a twelve-hour speech about the virtues of socialism and the evil of America, even if he had to do it from inside an oxygen tank.
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