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Subject: Tinkering with the Arleighe Burkes?
kirby1    5/31/2009 5:41:09 PM
So the navy has decided to continue production of the Arleighe Burkes indefinitely. Thats a good idea seeing as how they are pretty decent boats, but I wonder if the navy will tinker with the design any more then the standard expected improvements over time such as better engines, more powerful electronics and wiring, or cost cutting measures? Is there any room for any "Special" classes in the AB? Perhaps a landing support/ low intensity conflict version that sacs' its VLS tubes for heavier main guns, and additional 25mm-30mm guns. Replace the VLS with a deckmounted Netfires box for zapping surface or seaside targets? Another option, do you see certain ideas from the Zumwhalt class wandering over to be placed on the new ABs? The peripheral launchers seem kind of nifty versus sticking a box of missiles directly over your keel. I like how they're designed to vent explosions outwards away from the hull in the event of a catastrophic failure or battle damage. or will the navy play it safe and keep building these ships largely unchanged?
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