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Subject: F-117s to South Korea.
EW3    5/25/2005 12:36:15 AM
Holloman Again Sends Stealths To South Korea ALAMOGORDO, N.M. -- Fifteen F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighters are leaving Holloman Air Force Base this week for South Korea. The 49th Fighter Wing announced the deployment of about 250 airmen and the stealths Monday. About 24 stealths and 300 airmen were deployed from Holloman to Kunsan Air Base in South Korea last summer. Officials wouldn't disclose where in South Korea the new deployment would be going. The deployment comes as North Korea threatens a nuclear weapons test. The White House urged North Korea Monday to return to diplomatic talks.
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YelliChink    RE:F-117s to South Korea.   5/25/2005 1:35:19 AM
DPRK not only threatens a nuke test, but also a pre-emptive strike if national security would be compromized. I'm already tired of the sabre-rattling rogue regime using nuke to get her ransom. It seems the W doesn't take that sh_t at all! But what's the possibility that the US strikes DPRK's nuke arsenal and takes unilateral action decapitating DPRK regime?
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