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Subject: What if they Test a Nuke and it fizzles?
The Drill SGT    5/24/2005 8:57:42 PM
Failing a test would seem to put the regime at risk for a period. If their design was bad, we'd have a window to take out their program before they could re-engineer. Having said that, my advice to the North would be not to test rather than fail :)
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FJV    RE:What if they Test a Nuke and it fizzles?   5/25/2005 11:36:37 AM
Nobody would know if the test failed, unless the North Korean nuclear program is infiltrated.
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ret13f    RE:What if they Test a Nuke and it fizzles?   5/28/2005 5:48:23 PM
When the Manhatten project was nearing completion the scientist and gov't people discussed how to best use the weapon. One of the ideas was to invite Japanese reps to a viewing of the bomb being used on some remote island or some such. The counterpoint was that if the bomb didn't work (fizzled) then the Japanese wouldn't ever believe the bomb was viable. the rest is history.
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soopakrn    RE:What if they Test a Nuke and it fizzles?   11/19/2005 9:54:03 PM
If they reveal to the world of their tests and it fails, they lose the upper hand so they would keep it to themselves. Just like the Manhatten Project that ret13f has spoken about, they would keep it secret even from their citizens.
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