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Subject: Kim Jong-il's lover has passed.
Floo    11/16/2004 11:28:24 AM
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Floo    RE:Kim Jong-il's lover has passed.   11/16/2004 11:29:41 AM
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Yimmy    RE:Kim Jong-il's lover has passed.   11/16/2004 1:06:37 PM
I guess he will have to feck over something else to occupy his time then. I would be nervous if I were in the South. :D
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Nanheyangrouchuan    Has Kim Jong Il passed?   11/17/2004 6:08:04 PM
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eon    RE:Kim Jong-il's lover has passed.   11/22/2004 4:40:22 PM
Late reports indicate that pictures of Kim have been taken down all over Pyongyang. This could just be a preparation for the mourning period, but I wonder- has something else happened, like maybe the eldest son attempting/succeeding in a coup?.
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