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Subject: Korean reactions to beheading
scholar    6/22/2004 1:18:39 PM
That Korean hostage just got beheaded. How will Koreans take this? How will it affect Korean involvement in Iraq?
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doggtag    RE:Korean reactions to beheading   6/22/2004 2:33:14 PM
I extend my condolences to the man's family. Now we all need to wake the hell up and realize: those terrorists are cold blooded, butchering animals. They INTEND to kill people in the most brutal of fashions. They cannot be reasoned with through diplomacy. They have no pity or shame in what they do, instead they feel pride for it. They are mad animals, and should be put down accordingly. For any peacelovers who think we should pull out of the Middle East: take YOUR little butts over there and try to reason with them. You will be next on their list of "examples". I only hope that the Koreans' resolve is strengthened and they don't pull a Spain. I lost much respect for that nation after their cowardly withdrawal: you don't walk away from fighting a bully, let him spit on you on the way out, then expect to share in the rewards after someone else does the dirty work to eliminate the threat. I just wonder how the world would look now if America pussied out after 9/11 and tucked tail and ran. I am hoping that the Korean rage will be fueled by this brutal act and they will stand beside us in the spirit of retribution and comraderie against our now common enemy. Those desert savages are slowing making an enemy of every civilised nation in the world..
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SGTObvious    RE:Korean reactions to beheading   6/24/2004 11:21:15 AM
Somewhere in Iraq: "Oh Glorious Zarkawi, he who arranges for the throat cutting of the hated infidels, I fear we may have overlooked one teensy tiny detail." "Spit it out, you martyr-to-be, what do you think we have missed?" "We forgot that Koreans are not Europeans. It says here in the infidel Asia Times:" "he execution has galvanized the people, pushing many into the deployment camp. Preliminary surveys indicate a 20+% jump in the number of respondents who now support the government's plans."
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sentinel28a    RE:Korean reactions to beheading   6/25/2004 11:33:57 PM
Someone should have informed al-Zarqawi what happens when ROK troops really get upset. Ask the VC, who specifically informed their units not to tangle with ROK units, whose idea of pacifying VC-loyal villages was to burn them to the ground, preferably with the inhabitants still inside.
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HanKim    ROK Psych warfare in vietnam   7/8/2004 4:12:29 AM
I once read a paper that researched ROK Army Psych warfare operations in Vietnam. Much of the ROK Army's reputation for cruelty was orchestrated by its own Psych warfare units that frequently exaggerated how mean and cruel the ROK Army was to instill fear within the VC. There were of course incidents of attrocities and there even may have been premeditated "example setting" by the Koreans, but the actual numbers of such acts are not much higher compared to other forces in that war, and quite far from the fearsome reputation that the Koreans cultivated. The ROK Army had a higher rate of captured enemy weopons per KIA than the US Army which would indicate less killing of civilians and then claiming they were VC. Because the ROK forces had less artillery and air support than the Americans, there were far fewer misguided air and artillery strikes and thus less civilan casualties when they went on operations. It is quite sad that Iraq is turning into a protracted guerilla war. Han
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Regime    RE:Korean reactions to beheading   7/11/2004 11:40:00 PM
According to these links, more koreans are supporting the dispatch. I like how atimes put it, the insurgents indeed "stir up a hornet's nest". The ROK troops may not be as vicious as we believed, but nonetless they are formidable soldiers. I like to see the terrorists go through with their threat to "kill korean soldiers" and see how many isurgents get butchered in the process.
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