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johnyturc    2/29/2004 7:58:38 PM
"While the Turks were for a long time fighting against the enemy and dying, the British and Americans were withdrawing. The Turks, who were out of ammunition, affixed their bayonets and attacked the enemy and there ensued a terrible hand to hand combat. The Turks succeeded in withdrawing by continuous combat and by carrying their injured comrades on their backs. They paraded at Pyongyang with their heads held high." - G.G. Martin - British Lieutenant General
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johnyturc    RE:REMEMBERING THE KOREAN WAR AND TURKS   2/29/2004 8:02:39 PM
"The heroic soldiers of a heroic nation, you have saved the Eighth Army and the IX'th Army Crops from encirclement and the 2nd Division from destruction. I came here today to thank you on behalf of the United Nations Army." - General Walton H. Walker, Commander, Eighth Army
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sentinel28a    RE:REMEMBERING THE KOREAN WAR AND TURKS   3/1/2004 1:59:07 AM
From a college student fifty years later: Thanks.
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Smoz from Oz    RE:REMEMBERING THE KOREAN WAR AND TURKS   7/4/2005 3:34:21 PM
johnyturc, Aussies remember you in Korea. Aussies remember you. Great to have you as allies. Lest we forget.
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soopakrn    RE:REMEMBERING THE KOREAN WAR AND TURKS   11/19/2005 9:25:30 PM
As a current pilot for the Korean Air Force, thank you Turkey.
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