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Subject: North Korean crew kill pirates and freed themselves.
YelliChink    6/3/2010 12:33:42 PM N.Korea cargo ship RIM´s crew kill some pirates and evades helped by spanish frigate After being kidnapped four months, the north koreans sailors of the cargo ship RIM managed to attack and kill some of the pirates and sailing away with their ship, anchored near Garacade(N.Somalia). The pirates tried to re-capture the Rim, that had asked for help. Operation Atalanta command ordered the nearest ship to Rim, spanish frigate Victoria, to sail and help north koreans. Victoria was 100 miles away from the Rim and sent an helicopter. When the helicopter reached the Rim the pirates dessisted and ran away. One sailor of the RIM was injured and is being assited in the Victoria. =================================================================== When it comes to armed conflict, they make more sense than we do.
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WarNerd       6/4/2010 3:29:25 AM
It helps when you do not give a damn about 'negative publicity' or complaints from your sailors insurance carrier (they don't have one, which also means that there is no one to pay their ransom).  It allows you to just do what is necessary and go for the throat. 
Good for them.
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