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Subject: How are China/North Korea Relations?
Merchant_Of_Menace    1/31/2010 2:13:13 AM
I'm curious, are they: Close Allies? Distant Allies? Neutral? Hostile (to any degree)? I would expect that North Korean nukes, besides being a threat to South Korea and Japan, would also be a threat to the Chinese eastern seaboard where Chinese economic and political centres are located.
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phead128       7/17/2010 1:52:44 PM
North Korea is a dominion of China.
China doesn't claim Korea as a colony for 1) fear of invoking Korean memories of Japanese colonialization and 2) Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty allowed Chosun dynasty to rule as a semi-independent tributary state.

Historians will look back and say N. Korea was a satillete colony or client state of China just as they will say Iraq and Afghanistan was an extension of the United States Republican Empire. 

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