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Subject: The Chinese Went Over The Mountains
SYSOP    9/24/2020 5:21:39 AM
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Hari Sud       9/24/2020 3:49:13 PM
Totally and completely misinformed analysis. It appears that Strategy Page writer has been bought out by the Chinese.
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Hari Sud       9/28/2020 12:42:13 PM
Here is Chinese view of Indian Army Retired Chinese general warns of surprise attack by India, says 'New Delhi might do something big' New Delhi: China should stay alert as India can launch a surprise attack, said a retired Chinese general. In an article published on Li Jian, a defence-related social media account, Wang Hongguang issued the warning saying the danger of conflict has increased and with “incidents” in the Taiwan Strait and the upcoming US presidential election might present India with an opportunity to “do something big”. “India only needs 50,000 soldiers at the Line of Actual Control, but now, instead of withdrawing troops before the winter comes, India has added 100,000 more soldiers in Ladakh,” SCMP quoted Wang as saying. Indian troops could easily cross into China He further said that India has tripled its troops along the LAC which could easily cross into China in a few hours as they are stationed within 50km of Chinese territory. Wang, a former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region which is now part of the Eastern Theatre Command, said that China cannot afford to let its guard down before mid-November. At the recently held military talks, the Chinese side pushed for starting the disengagement process from the southern bank of Pangong lake, however, the Indian Army conveyed that steps to defuse the standoff in eastern Ladakh should simultaneously cover all the friction points.
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