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Subject: Russians Observe US Missile Defense Test
Softwar    10/17/2007 1:46:45 PM
Aviation Week & Space Technology 10/08/2007, page 32 One new element of the Sept. 28 test is participation from the Russian government. Moscow has accused the Pentagon of designing the European adjunct to its system—including an X-band radar site in the Czech Republic and interceptors in Poland—with the intent to counter intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia, though MDA insists they are designed to counter threats from Iran. In response to the U.S. plans, Moscow has announced it is pulling out of the Conventional Armed Forces In Europe Treaty. Meanwhile, though, Russia accepted a U.S. invitation to view the Sept. 28 GMD test, Obering says. “We actually had Russian visitors that were sitting up there on the hill here and observed this test,” he noted.
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