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Subject: PLAAF Su-27 intercepted U-2S above Taiwan Strait
YelliChink    7/24/2011 8:41:10 PM
According to Taiwanese newspaper, one USAF/CIA U-2S was intercepted by two PLAAF Su-27s one day in late June. THe U-2S took off from Okinawa and flew southward on the mainland side of Taiwan Strait. Two PLAAF Su-27s took off the intercept the U-2. The U-2S pilot was notified of hostile commie fighters and tured to the east. One Su-27 didn't turn back in time, and ROCAF F-16A fighters were scrambled to "escort" PLAAF. No contact were made before the Su-27 turned back to mainland. If the US military/intel are doing things to make us like culprit, at least sell the damn fighters to us.
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