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Subject: Very interesting
Nanheyangrouchuan    11/16/2008 11:05:50 PM
Picked this up from an expat produced biz mag in Shanghai" Foreign Personal Security Risk Firms to be Allowed in China Next Year China is expected to open up its risk management industry next year following an anticipated rubber stamping at the Spring 2009 National People's Congress, permitting the establishment of both local and foreign invested personal security firms that can provide services such as bodyguards, protection, escort and crisis resolution to operate across the mainland. Public Aggression Across China on the Rise Across China, multiple problems are arising with social unrest issues. Recent riots in Shenzhen over the accidental death of a bicyclist and outbreaks of minor, yet disturbing incidents in Shanghai and other cities are beginning to highlight the problems the Communist Party is having with promising wealth to its citizens, yet also having to oversee a massively deflated stock market, declining property values and unemployment on an increasingly worrying level.
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