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Subject: China Launches Chinasat-9 - A French Made Satellite - Into Orbit
Softwar    6/10/2008 11:18:44 AM (also posted this on the Space thread) A Chinese Long March 3B rocket successfully placed the Chinasat-9 direct-broadcast television satellite into geostationary transfer orbit June 9 - a launch that caused public-relations discomfort for both Chinese authorities and satellite builder Thales Alenia Space, for different reasons. Chinasat 9, a Spacebus 4000 satellite platform, is expected to operate for 15 years at 92.2 degrees east longitude. Chinese government authorities have been upset with the French government in recent weeks following a demonstration-marred passage of the Olympic flame through Paris in April and the near-simultaneous decision by the Paris city council to make the Dalai Lama an honorary citizen - an act that the Chinese Foreign Ministry termed "a grave provocation." For that reason, industry officials said, China will not be drawing attention to the fact that Chinasat 9 was made in France.
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