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Subject: Indifference to Muslim deaths... unless caused by Unbelievers
TriggaFingaz    7/27/2004 5:18:40 PM
Now that the UK is dispatching several tons of aid to the Darfur region of Sudan which may require armed protection, have any of you read that the mullahs and the Islamist Khartoum regime have threatened to treat the foreign presence as a crusade that needs to be defeated by jihad? One of the rallying cries of that malodorous regime is 'to prepare mass graves for the crusading invaders'. Doubtless to say, AQ and its affliates will adopt the same attitude and dispatch their infernal agents to aide the Janjaweed militias and Sudanese armed forces. Do you notice a serious logic lapse in their thinking? The Middle East population of Arab Muslims, fed by Al Jazeera et al only make a lot of noise and declarations of revenge about Muslims in Iraq and the PA being killed by 'foreign infidels'. However, when the black African Sufi Muslim civilians (alongside Christians and animists) are DELIEBRATELY bombed by the Sudanese Air Force, followed by the shootings, enslavement, dispossession and gang rapes of the Arab militia, there is indifference. Or at least there isn't any significant revulsion at this double standard which has been raised by Arab liberals. The moment a non-Muslim faction gets involved, the intervention will be portrayed as 'infidels oppressing the Believers'. Accusing grumbling of 'Interference on the affairs of a sovereign nation will be brought before the UN, which has spent most of its time telling Israel they can't protect themselves with a wall against mass murdering terrorists. Supposed an armed confrontation results in Janjaweed marauders being wasted by British troops. Khartoum and its symphatisers in the Arab world will scream and whine, 'The crusaders are killing Muslims! Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! Help the faithful halt the defilement of sacred lands! This is vengeance for Omdurman!' Any black Muslim guerilla faction that accepts help from the foreigners will be branded as apostates of course. Remember that when the US struck the Taliban/AQ in Afghanistan as payback for 9/11, some Arab media voices urged the Northern Alliance resistance to join forces with their Taliban enemies against the US? Fortuantely, the NA ignored those irredeemably stupid exhortations worked hand in hand with the Americans to overthrown the Taliban oppressors and the AQ puppet masters. The AQ who will undoubtedly plot to drive a truckbomb into a refugee camp HQ run by Brits or Europeans will not give a goddamn that the troops and aid workers are saving Muslims (black Africans) from starvation, slavery and rape. All they will be concerned is that there is some Zionist plot afoot. If the Brits are going to make a commitment to Sudan, they must take a look at the Somali debacle for the UN and US. In that conflict, US and UN forces acted to curb the mass starvation of Somali population from warring tribal clans. The foreign presence was painted by AQ as an imperialist-Zionist colonisation and the Osama agents trained the tribal militias how to down helos with RPGs. When the resulting events (as seen in Blackhawk Down) led to the UN/US withdrawal, the starvation and chaos returned. The AQ leadership that has played a part in this did not shed a tear or show any remorse for the deaths that occured owing to the restoration of civil war- all they were concerned about was killing 'unbelievers' for the sake of inflating their arrogantly lofty perceptions of themselves. Here's a summary of this piece: 1. Much of the Arab Muslim world does not give a damn when Arabs kill fellow Arabs and blacks in civil war or orchestrated massacres. 2. Islamists will consider non Muslims who help anyone (Musslim or not) against a Muslim faction as being anti-Muslims or anti-Islamic enemies of God. 3. Any Muslim group or individual who accepted assistance from a non Muslim nation/group to save their lives will be branded an unIslamic apostate who betrayed God, in the eyes of the jihadi groups.
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On Watch    RE:Indifference to Muslim deaths... unless caused by Unbelievers   8/9/2004 11:57:26 AM
Thanks for the analysis TF! Sudan is yet another piece of 'Arab Islam's Agenda' which will, of necessity, twist in the wind until the US election is decided. Surely though, another venue and opportunity to smash 'AQ & Assoc.' enmasse is a tactical gift -- at least from an American Patriot's POV! btw, I couldn't fault the oppressed Darfur Sudanese if they felt their forced alienation and destruction was akin to a Kafkaesque nighmare! Even though some would argue it was just another tale of 1001 Arabian Nights... Regards, On Watch
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swhitebull    Islam's Bloody Borders - Sudan is a PERFECT example   8/9/2004 12:36:40 PM
When Islam and other cultures meet, the INEVITABLE result is a clash - and the infidel dies: From FrontPage mag: Jackie Mason Turns Serious By Don Feder | August 9, 2004 I thought of comedian Jackie Mason last week, when two leaders of an Albany, New York, mosque were arrested and charged with trying to buy a shoulder-launched missile to assassinate Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. What better way for disciples of a Religion of Peace to celebrate harmony and coexistence than with a Stinger missile? Two weeks ago, Mason got in hot water (a place where he seems quite comfortable) by telling a radio audience that "the whole Muslim religion" is a "murderous organization" that instructs its followers in "hate, terrorism and murder." Filling in for syndicated talk show host Jim Bohannon, Mason said terrorists are "following the orders of the religion directly from the Koran." Also: "The Koran…is 50 versions of hate, venom, hostility and murder…dedicated to terrorism. I don’t know how we can call it a religion in the traditional sense. It should be called a murderous organization that’s out to kill people." This provoked the predictable self-righteous demands for an apology (and, possibly, castration?) by the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), which fancies itself a Muslim Anti-Defamation League. In a letter to Westwood One, which syndicates Bohannon’s show, CAIR decried Mason’s "Islamophobic smears." (Jackie has an unreasonable fear of shoulder-launched missiles?) "It is this type of hate-filled propaganda that was used by the Nazis as justification for their persecution of the Jewish community in Germany," CAIR claimed. Say something critical of Islam, and in CAIR’s eyes you’re a Nazi preparing to push innocents into gas chambers – just like the Kosovar Muslims recruited by the S.S. to help carry out the Holocaust. But Mason is merely the latest in a long line of Islamophobes. A 20th century politician made comments far more damning of Islam than Jackie Mason. This world leader said Islam "above all others was founded and propagated on the sword." Moreover, it provided "incentives to slaughter, and in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men – filled with a wild and merciless fanaticism." By CAIR's logic, that makes Winston Churchill a "Nazi." Winnie and Jackie Mason: odd Nazis, indeed. But seriously, folks – as standup comics like Mason say – I don’t know of anyone, including Islam’s most trenchant critics, who’s advocating the mass murder of Muslims. Most of us would be content if zealous Muslims would stop killing – or trying to kill – us. Which brings me to the Albany arrests. The accused are two immigrants from Jihadistan – Yassin Aref, imam of Albany’s Masjid As-Salam Mosque (ironically, it means, "House of Peace" mosque) and Mohammed Hossain, owner of a pizzeria. Fresh from confronting the malicious Mason, CAIR expressed concern that the accused are victims of racial profiling and entrapment. "There’s always a concern that people may be targeted for a sting operation like this solely because they are Moslems," declared Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s indefatigable spokesman. "It’s a perplexing case, and the question we have is whether the government got these men to do something they otherwise wouldn’t have done." Just picture it: The innocent imam and pure pizza man are walking down a street in Albany one day, when suddenly a sly undercover agent approaches the pair and entices them into buying a shoulder-launched missile. Agent: "Like to buy a Stinger? Great for taking out Pakistani ambassadors or killing infidels." Mohammed and Yassin: "Gosh, we’d never thought of that! Hmmm, that might not be a bad idea. Say, it could come in handy, if the Zionist entity ever invades America." Jackie Mason couldn't write funnier satire than CAIR has. That CAIR should be skeptical of allegations of terrorist activities is understandable. The organization is an offshoot of the Islamic Association for Palestine – identified as a Hamas front by two former heads of the FBI’s counter-terrorism section. In April, Randall Todd (Ismail) Royer, a staffer in CAIR’s national headquarters, pleaded guilty to conspiring to train Americans for jihad. Yep, just think of CAIR as part ADL – and part Stern Gang. Jackie Mason seems only to be observing the evidence all around him. Curiously, two men are arrested in a sting operation trying to buy the type of weapon used to take down airplanes, and – Guess what? They’re not Baptists! Gunmen burst into a church in Pakistan and fire round after round into the prostrate bodies of women and children. The perps aren’t Scientologists or Latter-Day Saints. A Jewish kid is stabbed outside a yeshiva in Brussels, and the gang of youths believed responsible don’t belong to the local Buddhist temple. Churches and monaster
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On Watch    RE:Islam's Bloody Borders - CAIR   8/9/2004 6:17:20 PM
Yes! SW, Saw in the News a few days ago where CAIR and some other Arab propaganda Org were issuing a ration o' sh!t to Charley Daniels for his 'Our Flag is not a Rag' lyric. Apparently the band was scheduled to perform this past Saturday night at Dearborn MI... I don't think those CAIR clowns realized who they were playing with, and the popular support in the USA CDB engenders! Maybe it will take the 'South to Rise Again' to make the USA accept the reality of the Islamic terrorist threat in our midst. Sorry to say that ol' Charley was somewhat tepid in his response to the inquiry by the concert sponsor, the City of Dearborn (300,00 muslims)saying he hadn't intended to play the song. And that the song lyric wasn't anti-Arab--not much more he could say to them I reckon, 'cept "stick it your Raghats": Daniels told the Detroit Free Press in an interview Wednesday that the song isn't directed at Arabs and Muslims, but at turbaned terrorists such as al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. "The only thing it's 'anti' is the people who bombed us on 9/11. I have people who say you're putting down people who wear turbans. I'm not," Daniels, 67, told the newspaper. "There are good Arabs and bad Arabs, good Greeks and bad Greeks, good people and bad people in any race." I sure would like to hear that he played the song anyway! Just to stick American FREEDOM in the 'Land of the Free' in their raggity ears! On Watch - Let's Roll P.S. Yeah I saw that 'stinger sting'- YES! Let's hope they can get get a conviction w/ 20 years hard time and the deportation of their entire clan! The Govt should be able to get the Pizza Joint, and maybe Dershowitz can figure a way to get the Mosque too - YES!(double pump!)
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christina    RE:Indifference to Muslim deaths... unless caused by Unbelievers   9/16/2004 4:56:49 AM
That's great, but don't you see that you are more fandamental in an aggressive ways to be member in al Qaida. We are sure and know who are terror and soon or later we will finished them up.
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