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Subject: Sudan buys MiG-21s from Ukraine
Big Bad Pariah    3/16/2004 6:56:55 AM
Sudan Dictatorship Procures Mig-21 From Ukraine Posted: 03/09 From: Mathaba Sudan's military Arab-Islamist dictatorship has procured Soviet-origin fighter aircraft and other platforms from Ukraine in an effort to enhance military capability against pro-democracy movements in the south and west of the country. Western diplomatic sources said the Khartoum regime has procured 12 MiG-21 fighter-aircraft from Ukraine over the few months. The sources said Ukraine also sold ground-based platforms, including artillery and other systems, from Kiev's military surplus. On Wednesday, the London-based A-Sharq Al Awsat daily provided details of the Ukraine sale. The newspaper said the arms deal was conducted through an unidentified French company. Four MiG fighters have already been delivered to Sudan. A-Sharq Al Awsat said two of the aircraft arrived in Sudan on Dec. 29, 2003 and the other two MiGs were delivered on Jan. 29, 2004. Khartoum already has a number of the more advanced MiG-29s in service.
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Big Bad Pariah    RE:Sudan buys MiG-21s from Ukraine   3/21/2004 3:14:05 AM
I thought there was sanctions on Sudan preventing arms sales.
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