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Subject: Nightmare Scenario - PLAAF raid on NE India - Military Thriller Scene
Tiger Assault    1/2/2013 1:02:53 PM
Hi. The following is a scene from a military thriller I'm writing. This particular one describes a feint assault by three PLAAF squadrons on India's North East region - intended to intimidate the Indians, and as a response to a series of terror attacks which the Chinese tie down to Indian governmental agencies. I have a bunch of ex military friends on other forums (Indian and Chinese) helping me out with the technical aspects, but I'd like any pointers from you good people on how to improve the vermilisitude or realism of the narration - in particular to the communications and protocols. I'm not so keen on making it sound exactly like how the Indians would conduct it, but I'm very interested in making this sound real. ...Continue reading at: [URL=""][/URL] Thanks in advance for any tips!
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45-Shooter    Interesting!   2/1/2013 4:52:34 PM
I found it interesting and quite informative too.
The only defects were either conversion to English as a second language. Like "aircrafts" instead of aircraft which is also plural, and the occasional typo like having the word "the" by mistake in sentence two of paragraph three. see; "Their command post was the located at "?
But all in all, I liked it. Even though it displays the endemic corruption that has so far delayed India's progress. But I would ignore this last missive if I were you, unless it is part of the plot? I do not know.
As a completely different thing, we are about to start up the annual spring "Global Domination" game and I wonder if you would like to play the IANZaC Nation Allied with Great Brittan and the rest of the "Western Powers"? That Confederacy is composed of India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada? It is set in an ALTERED HISTORY TIME LINE of WW-II starting in May of 1943!
PS. there are thirteen other openings left at the second table if any one else wants to play. The other choices are Great Briton, China, Russia, USA and the Confederate States of America, (with the already taken Heartland of America and the Peoples Republic of California) as Allies and Germany, The Greater Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy, Japan, Pan Islamic Caliphate, Congress of African Nations, Spain and Vichy France all allied on the other side, at least until somebody stabs somebody, or even everybody else in the back? The Germans have traditionally offered/actually shared their technology with their allies, just as the Brits did with the IANZaC Confederation. It is great fun for all who play and a hoot to boot!
This is a high level unit game. Divisions on the ground, ships and fleets on the water and formations of aircraft in the sky. It is as much Roll Playing as strategic maneuver and it is on a new Arena Planet provided by the aliens who stopped the war in the first place. You will not be disapointed if you give it a try.
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Belisarius1234    Only a DAMNED fool...   2/1/2013 4:57:08 PM
responds to a PRC AGENT.
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Reactive       2/1/2013 5:01:30 PM
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