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Mother of Pakistan    10/30/2005 3:23:17 AM
1.1 VEDIC FEMALE INFANTICIDE The horrible custom of female infanticide was widely practiced by the barbaric Vedic Aryan tribes who invaded India. It is these Vedic nomads who introduced this depravity into India. The Vedas prescribe an intense hatred for women, and female children were considered highly undesirable in the nomadic Aryan patriarchal view. Indeed, so deep-rooted was the desire for male children that the Vedas prescribe numerous prayers for male offspring : Atharva Veda.6.2.3 : " Let a female child be born somewhere else; here, let a male child be born." -- [ Ath.Ved.VI.2.3 ] [ cf. Peri ] These verses were recited whenever an Aryan couple wished to have a child, and display considerable discrimination against women even in the Vedic age. Nor does the `wonderful' treatment of women in Vedic religion end here. The `holy' and `great' Vedas explicitly sanction the practice of female infanticide. Indeed, the real reason for this truly animal practice lies deep in the blood-stained verses of the Vedas. The following verse, from the `sacred' Vedas of the `noble' faith of Hinduism, allows the practice, and takes it for granted as a normal practice in Vedic religion : Taittirya Samhita VI.5.10.3 : " Hence they [ Aryans ] reject a female child when born, and take up a male." < Sans. " Tasmat striyam jatam parasyanti ut pumamsam haranti " > -- [ Taitt.Samh.VI.5.10.3 ] [ Muir I 26 ] What `sweet' verses from the Vedas, the holy guide-book for all Hindus ! No wonder women were not allowed to read these heaps of male chauvinist filth ! Indeed, there are several reasons for the practice of female infanticide during the Vedic Dark Age (1500 BC - 500 BC) of the Brahmanic Dark Ages (1500 BC - 1000 AD), all of which can be traced back to Vedic barbarism : The large dowries prescribed by the Vedas (see later chapters) implied that female children were solely seen as an economic burden. Such was the state of madness inflicted by the Brahmins that a single female marriage, even today, can ruin an ordinary middle-class family. Obliterating female children was thus a convenient way of alleviating financial ruin in the Vedic period. Women were of little use to the Aryan war-tribes. Hence, their numbers were reduced in order to maintain the high effectiveness of the Aryan war-machine. These are the `wonderful' truths about the `most spiritual' religion of Hinduism. The inhuman Hindu female infanticide is not due to any `corruption', but is fully sanctioned by the core of Hindu religious scriptures - the Vedas. This is the truth about the `wonderful' religion of Hinduism. 1.2 LATER BRAHMANIC FEMALE INFANTICIDE The custom of Vedic female infanticide continued during the Sutric (500 BC - 200 AD) and Puranic Dark Ages (200 AD - 1000 AD) of the Brahmanic Dark Ages (1500 BC - 1000 AD). During this era, the Brahmins consolidated the power they had obtained during the Vedic Dark Age to the height of Absolutism. Any custom which could eat away at the foundations of non-Brahmin peoples was utilised by the Brahmins in order to consolidate their tyranny over the subject populations. Infanticide was one such method which helped preserve Brahminist power, and the population was hence brainwashed with the `holy' Vedas, which prescribe this beastly practice. There were several other reasons why the Brahmins cruelly enforced Vedic female infanticide : The Brahmin race has always feared being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of non-Brahmins. Hence they resorted to the harshest means imaginable to curtail non-Brahmin reproduction. To this extent, the Brahmins divided Indian nations into mutually warring factions by means of casteism, enforced the vile customs of sati, hijrahism, devadasism and above all, spread the poison of female infanticide into the veins of the populace. Female infanticide rotted away at the very roots of the non-Brahmin races, many of which disappeared from the face of the Earth. The Indo-Greeks, Bactrians, Panchalas, Koshalas and Saurasenas are only some of the non-Brahmins races exterminated by the Brahmins using various forms of social degenration which included female infanticide. The shortage of women led to unending wars amongst non-Brahmins for the remaining women. This is amply demonstrated in Rajasthan, where the Brahmin-enforced female infanticide led to male-female ratios of 10:1. As a result, a never-ending series of wars over women devastated the Scythic Rajputs for several centuries. Sessodia fought Chauhan, Kacchwaha fought Bundela and father fought son in fratricidal warfare which reduced Rajasthan to the desert it now is. Had the Rajputs instead tackled the real cause for all their wars and suffering, namely the Brahmins and the Brahmin-inflicted customs of female infanticde and sati, this suffering would not have occurred. Thus, the `holy' texts of the Vedas sanction apartheid and mass murder of baby girls. The magnitude of this circumstance is staggering
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