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Subject: DEMISE of NileRaider, from SysOps
SYSOP1    10/18/2005 9:09:42 PM
Well, Cant say we are surprised. As we predicted among ourselves, it didnt take long for Nileraider to come out and start dancing on the electronic corpse of the demised Jatinderpal, just like many muslims did on 9/11 at the murders of innocent people. For his conduct, he is now banned, and all of his posts have been deleted. He just couldnt leave it alone. Let that be a warning. The SysOps Collective, Karachi branch.
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:DEMISE of NileRaider, from SysOps    10/27/2005 11:07:42 PM
Is karachi branch that mean wow i have to take care of my good language
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