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Subject: Homeless in the Winter
sanman    10/15/2005 11:06:32 PM
Read this and see the catty response from Pakistan in the aftermath of this Kashmir earthquake: Over 1 million are homeless and are likely to be spending this winter outside in the freezing nights -- courtesy of the Pakistani Police State. Let's see how many of his slick 3-piece suits Musharraf will send over to keep them warm. Let's see if the fugitive Osama Bin Laden exploits this situation to overthrow Musharraf, as he has been calling for all these past months.
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sanman    RE:Homeless in the Winter   10/16/2005 2:40:47 PM
Oh come on, of course AlQaeda has called Musharraf a traitor to Islam, and of course they are calling for the overthrow of his govt and his assassination. If you are claiming otherwise, then you are a complete ignorant. It won't be long before AlQaeda and their jihadi brothers start renewing calls for Musharraf's head specifically due to his govt's poor performance in this earthquake aftermath.
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