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Subject: Pakistan is believed to have more nuclear warheads than India – 110 to 100
CJH    1/27/2013 8:13:31 PM

Telegraph UK - Pakistan "expanding nuclear arsenal to deter US attack"


""While the immediate threat to its strategic assets passed, Pakistan's suspicions of US intentions in this regard have now risen to the level of paranoia," Mr Saran said.

His comments follow the latest in a series of missile tests last week when the Pakistan Army confirmed it had fired a nuclear-capable Hatf-V medium range missile capable of hitting Indian cities as far east as Bangalore.

Lieutenant-General Talat Masood, a retired senior Pakistan Army commander and nuclear expert, said Mr Saran's claims had some truth in them. "I would not say it [Pakistan's growing nuclear capability] was meant to counter America – that would be suicidal. But there has always been a fear in Pakistan's strategic community and government, in the recent past, a feeling that America is unfavourably inclined towards our nuclear programme and if things got worse it could neutralise our nuclear weapons capability, go after them," he said.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute voiced its concerns about the nuclear weapon build-up earlier this year after India developed a nuclear submarine and Pakistan unveiled a series of short range missiles.

Pakistan is believed to have more nuclear warheads than India – 110 to 100 – and Washington remains concerned about the security of its nuclear bases. "

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