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Subject: Logistics and Transportation Issues involved with Pakistani Flood relief
Mike From Brielle    8/20/2010 3:16:39 PM
I was wondering the other night about what would be possible to help overcome some of the problems their having in Pakistan when it comes washed out roads and bridges due to the flood. The challenges this presents to the people who are responsible for getting food, housing, and medical treatment to the people affected must be horrific. So I was thinking that perhaps if they had access LCAC's (large Hovercraft) and large cargo helicopters this might help alleviate the transportation problems they're having. By this I mean if that since many of the rivers are swollen that they might be navigable now with LCAC’s much farther up the rivers then they here to four have been. As such they may be able to shuttle containerized supplies and pre-fabricated medical and infrastructure facilities reasonably far up, close to the head waters. There they would form base camps (depots, regional medical, and regional engineering) where the supplies could be lifted up into the rapid head water s of the river valleys in a hearing bone fashion. They would transport supplies up and take evacuees down to where they could be taken care of. Just wondering.
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