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Subject: Strategic withdrawal and consequences?
cwDeici    6/22/2009 3:59:06 AM
While the roughly one hundred thousand Taliban and allied fighters in Waziristan are asking Baitullah to withdraw to Afghanistan due to their current unpopularity in Punjab and Sindh after the recent string of crazier bombings and assassination Baitullah had not yet pledged to withdraw his 30k fighters from South Waziristan. As the war goes on in Swat, factions have disengaged themselves from there as well. The quick kill strategy of the Taliban against the Pakistani government has failed and the majority of elements are backing off in the likely hope that the PoG will wuss out on properly fortifying their territories. Indubitably with only twenty-thirty thousand soldiers and artillery and air the Pakistani government would fail to take the tribal areas, though they would significantly damage their networks if the Taliban truly fought tooth and nail. Have the strategic goals of the Taliban been set back by 2 years as the author of claims? The leaders are patient but not all of them are. Will the Pakistani government forget everything once they have their western money and the Taliban is no longer at their doorstep and throwing bombs around with wild abandon? PS. I don't think they've been thrown out of Buner yet, but there should be a military presence there. A partial withdrawal is probably what happened. Reports have been sketchy.
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