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Subject: War on Terror moves to Pakistan
PowerPointRanger    7/14/2007 2:03:38 PM
With the seige of the Red Mosque and the recent ambush of Pakistani troops (in which 24 were killed by a roadside bomb) the War on Terror is enting a new phase. Up until now, al Qaeda and the Taliban have been using the tribal areas of Pakistan as a safe haven. While there have been past flare-ups, on the whole things have been quiet. The Pakistani government doesn't want to stir-up the radicals, and the terrorists don't want to lose their safe haven. This Red Mosque confrontation has changed all that. Radicals openly challenged the Pakistani government in a highly visible way. I suspect they were trying to trigger a popular uprising by staging a government "masscre". Yet it didn't work quite as planned when the women and children escaped the final assault. Radicals have shown in the past they are perfectly happy to use women and children as human shields and call them victims of the government when they are killed in battle. That obviously doesn't work when those women and children survive. The even with the misfire of their staged trigger event, the radicals appear to be carrying on with their offensive in an efffort to topple Pakistani President Musharraf. There have been small rallies in support of the radical scattered across Pakistan (obviously they didn't pick up the kind of popular support they had hoped to generate from the "massacre"), and attacks on government troops. The radicals understand what's at stake. If they can topple Musharraf and install a radical, it would leave the radicals in control of a nuclear-armed regional power. The Battle of Pakistan has begun.
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enlighten       7/17/2007 7:39:39 PM
The destruction of Pakistan has began and it is not good for the entire world.If the radicals have access to N bombs the human kind will vanish in few days.Any way the Muslims get 72 virgins and wine river in heaven. It is the nonmuslims  who go to the hell.
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