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Subject: Why cant we solve our porblems bilaterally
chupooey    2/16/2007 6:49:50 PM
with both sides claiming win on baglihar dam, i begin to wonder why si it necessary that a decision is imposed on us, why cant we settle our disputes ourselves? why in two years of discussions we could not reach on the agreement what ths swiss mediator ordered us in one year? Knowing that it takes two to clap, could it be fear on the part of respective Govts. that any let down from their principal stand would be taken as there weakness in their masses, just as statements by President of Pakistan regarding Kashmir have been criticized by many sections of the society. or simply we cant solve them unless a solution is imposed on us.
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Pakistan Power       2/19/2007 4:51:43 PM
You have to understand that Indians are by nature very untrustworthy, unrealiable and devious hence the need of the government to opt for third party intervention. If Pakistan had any other normal country in the world as its eastern neighboor, many issues could have been resolved in a civilized and decent manner..problem is that India is a land full of ego-inflated, complexed peoples who are anything but civilized(hence their need to absorb all things foreign because their own culture has no such niceties)...  Pakistan, should focus on itself domestically and work harder with other countries with whom we have great relations as well as with true developed first world nations.  Later on, we should deal with the Indias because they only understand one language, the language of the 'Stick'... indians are an opportunistic bunch... only when they know their real position in society are they worthy of being included in negotiations(eg..  the way western nations/nationals treat indians, how indians throw themselves at the feet of the 'white man' and how indians are trained to think so little of themselves etc...) and thats why there so desperate to be friendly with the and point
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