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Subject: WE WARNED - another Pakistani Troll bites the Dust - G3A3 7.62mm - from SYSOPS
SYSOP1    10/5/2005 3:11:05 PM
...The indians dont know how fly airplanes their are cows sitting in the pits. Oh yeah if USA stops supporting israel israel would not even exist today you got that you ignorant nutcase... Just a MILD copy of what this poor excuse for the English language has been posting. WE WARNED against idiots like this. In his desire to froth at the mouth, pull his fatulah out of his rear end to prove it's bigger than anyone else's and to and spout crap, all he does is make the rest of you Pakistanis look like islamic fanatics, petulant little boys playing with adult toys, and gives us real regret that we even allowed a Pakistan board to be created. Which is why all attempts at self-policing of your own irredentist posters should be conducted and reported to us as soon as possible. Not likely though. ANY more outbursts like this putz from other Pakistani posters will result in the dismantlement of the Pakistan board. THE SYSOPS COLLECTIVE
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counterstrike    RE:WE WARNED - another Pakistani Troll bites the Dust - G3A3 7.62mm - from SYSOPS   10/6/2005 12:44:45 AM
Renegade don’t weep, Ever heard of Michael John Coleman. He paid for his racist Remarks & he was the one who started racist topics & so he paid. We Indians don't start talking ill about Islam (when we do we give ample evidence about it) or Pakis (when we do we give ample evidence about this too) unless u guys start it up. NOTE: Next time u post something watch ur Facts, they miserably expose ur ignorance visit this link mate, ur false facts r there to see.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:You might find yourself in this situation one of these days!   10/6/2005 1:14:23 AM
Hopefully these Pakistanis would have learnt their lesson and NOT spread terror in Kashmir... 79 Pakistani deportees reach Islamabad RAWALPINDI, Oct 5: A batch of 79 Pakistani, including three women, immigration detainees arrived in Islamabad by a chartered flight from the United States on Wednesday, immigration authorities said. The detainees guarded by 15 US security officials on board arrived from Stockholm at around 1.30 pm. Pakistan Immigration Assistant Director Omer Hayat said that 100 Pakistani deportees were expected to arrive by Boeing 757 chartered flight, but only 79 could reach Islamabad. US security officials handed over the deportees to the Pakistani immigration authorities who recorded their statements at the airport and examined their case files, he said, adding that all of them were allowed to go as they had not been involved in any crime in Pakistan. More than 2,000 Pakistanis have been deported from the US since Sept 11 terrorist attacks. The last batch of 57 Pakistani deportees arrived in Islamabad on May 18.
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