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Subject: NATO Learns from & Copies Pakistan's tactics in the war on terror
TopGun    10/11/2006 6:05:12 PM Here's an interesting article. It seems after all, that Pakistan is the only country committed to winning this war on terror. Moreso than the US/Western nations which have committed troops/mercerneries in Afghanistan. It(Pakistan) is actually trying several tactics and has managed to achieve the most progress in winning this war on terror. It has also managed to do all of this despite the fact that it is an extremely poor country functioning on a minimal budget and suffering serious economic difficulties amongst many other problems. The time has come for the US, Europe and all peace loving countries of the world to come to the aid and help this country develop itself and improve its condition for it it truly deserving of such help. After all the fingerpointing and attempts to make Pakistan a scapegoat for all of the failures of the war in Afghanistan, Nato itself is now copying and emulating Pakistan's many successful strategies in winning the war on terror. This vital, important and strategic ally which suffers from poor Public Relations, needs to be better understood and appreciated by the US & Europe in general before it decides to to look elsewhere for better more deserving allies as we(US and 'the West' in general) have not appreciated Pakistans efforts and sacrifices so far. It has invested the largest contingent of troops to fight/patrol in the war on terror and has lost more troops than all the international forces combined and then some yet no one has ever given it any credit for its many sacrifices. We expect that giving them a few billion dollars in Aid will suffice but we are missing out on the bigger picture of how important it is to have this country solidly on our side for this and all future conflicts from the grassroots level (i.e. the Pakistani public-which in recent years has grown quite antagonistic with the governments pro-American policies) While we maintain a bare minimum force in Afghanistan leaving its vast and large porous border open to all surrounding countries including Iran & Uzbekistan(which is where traditionally important supply routes for militias have previously existed but have yet to be noted by the international forces as those borders are unpatrolled) but also, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China and Pakistan. Furthermore, NATO and US Forces are relying heavily on mercernery forces now representing greater and greater numbers of actual 'foreign troops' on the ground who have committed numerous attrocities against the Afghan public and many have been caught running illegal prisons and torture cells of their own, many are actively involved in the drugs trade which has spiked in recent years. In one recent case, some American mercernaries where caught selling arms, explosives and weapons for what appears to be but not yet confirmed monetary gains to the Taliban in South Western Afghanistan, militias in Northern Afghanistan and Baloch resistance groups waging a terrorist campaigns in Pakistans tribal Balochistan province. What exactly is going on in Afghanistan??? The situation in Afghanistan seems to be spiralling out of control which can prove detrimental not only to Afghanistan but have ramifications for the entire region and the world as a whole. Anyhow, here is the story: NATO wants to copy Pakistan's militant peace deal: Musharraf by Danny Kemp 1 hour, 58 minutes ago NATO approves of Pakistan's peace deal with militants in a volatile tribal region and wants Islamabad's help to do the same thing in Afghanistan, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said. Musharraf said the commander of the NATO force fighting a spiralling Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, British General David Richards, had agreed with Pakistan's strategy when he visited him earlier this week. Richards "absolutely agrees with the environment and my analysis and he is asking for our help to do the same thing, and we will proceed on the same course," Musharraf told reporters, referring to the accord in North Waziristan. Pakistan's allies in the US-led "war on terror" have previously expressed reservations on the controversial accord, which was signed on September 5 by the authorities and by tribal leaders and insurgents. Under the accord, Pakistan released dozens of detained tribesmen and agreed to dismantle checkpoints in North Waziristan. The rebels pledged to end targeted killings and cross-border attacks into Afghanistan. Ahead of his talks with Musharraf on Tuesday, Richards said that Pakistan's arrangement could set an example for the 31,000-strong NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. NATO had reached a deal of its own with tribal elders in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province that cut violence, he said, although it had not made any pact with insurgents. Afghanistan is facing its bloodiest period since the toppling of the fundamen
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Pakistan Power       10/13/2006 8:39:18 AM
Pakistan has a very professional army and its ISI (intelligence agency) is a force to be reckonned with &one of the most efficient agencies of the world.  It obviously has tried all tactics to win this war on terror and as you've stated lost the most number of troops in doing so! It is probably the only country truly committed to this winning &succeding in this regard............
Despite what many foreign countries believe, it is genuinely fighting this war out of its own national interest &equally important border control issues with the countries surrounding it such as Afghanistan(where militants have sneaked in alongside afghan refugees), but also Iran(shia extremist & political refugees) China(Uiguirs and other politically affected dissidends) & India (economic migrants/saboteurs-several of whom have been caught! &also Kashmiri freedom fighters fighting indian occupation mixing in with Kashmiri refugees running away to the sanctuary of Pakistan) all often to the dismay &disadvantage to Pakistan-the host country which can ill afford to handle such a large proportion of refugees.  
One must also remember, that refugees, or marginalized ppls are all ripe groups of people liable to &easily exploited to carry out extremist operations!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pakistan...hovever... has much experience in the area of counter terrorism(terrorists/extremists) having dealt with Soviet era trained militants during the afghan struggle, Indian RAW militants &saboteurs &more recently Saudi/Iranian sponsored militant groups &can readily differentiate them from genuine disenchanted groups(eg. Kashmiris), unlike the US and NATO member countries who had only considered the military options, has to at least eventually in the end live peacefully in the region  so is more keen to try different options to succeed in the war on terror!
NATO and the US has much to learn from Pakistan.....  Pakistan deserves praise and support now more than ever.  Recent actions only reinforce this!  If you want to succeed, Pakistan will most likely have to lead the way... as usual
Pakistan Zinbaad, Pakistan Paindabaad.  Long Live PAKISTAN!
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