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Subject: What happens if Musharraf dies?
reefdiver    8/27/2006 10:50:50 PM
What would happen in Pakistan if Musharraf died today?
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chupooey       8/30/2006 8:10:38 AM

had musharraf died three days ago. he would have been at forefront of the media. people would have taken keen interest in the news. Many new coming news channels in  pakistan would have taken this opportunity to show their viewers that they are as good as GEO is considered in Pakistan. channels around the world would have been discussing the new dimension in war against terrorism. opposition pliticians in pakistan would have asked for early elections while govt. benches would be pressing for probably delay or at least on time elections. and after say a week, it would have been life just as usual for normal people, however struggle continues for those who want to get some benefit out of it. So bottom line, no one is indespensible, and the biggest affectees are the family members. that is how i see of it. i would appreciate the worthy thought of 50 plus already readers.


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Jawan    What happens if Musharraf dies?   9/2/2006 5:57:14 AM
Good riddance. Military dictators usually die a voilent death (Zia comes to mind). World will heave a sigh of relief that the double talking warmongering dictator is dead!!!

AND FINALLY, THe big powers that big will kick some Paki ass to back to Allahland!!!

Baluchistan will become independent and NWFP will join up Afghanistan. SInd will become independent. AND "PAKISTAN" will cease to exist.

SOoner it happens better for the world. Tap of terrorism will be SHUT off permanently
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reefdiver       9/3/2006 2:45:31 PM

No one believes that militant radicals will take over the country and its nukes and spread even more terrorism?  Interesting. I've always thought that much of the US's support for M was because they determined his supposed control of the "radicals" was more important than the US's distain for dictators.



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chupooey    reef diver   9/4/2006 9:08:54 AM
 well i am not at all surprised to see that becuase i feel that it is not possible  i.e extremists taking over N weapons and using them etc etc.weapons. However i did find it interesting that not even indians are willing to  buy this idea. 
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