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Subject: Impact of bugti's death
chupooey    8/27/2006 10:21:36 AM
I feel he was the real man / figure and after him there is no person of his stature left in so called nationalists. it is high time that government finishes with this sardari nizam there and focuses on the baluchi peoples development rather than their sardars welfare and demands. i would have liked mr. bugti giving up his army and contributing towards its people rather than making them slave to his likes. but i guess the government gave him quite a time for this (almost a year). but unfortunately he was not prepared to that. i wish people of baluchistan's tribal area freedom from their mean sardars.
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chupooey       8/30/2006 7:12:24 AM
let me tell you that i am glad to see your reply. but looking at the content of your reply i did not find any pionts regarding, short term or long term effects of bugti's death, which was actually my post. neither i have knowledge nor interest to debate on the racial grouping put forward  by you, which apparently looks like, picked up good looking words from  many sources. your idea of splitting does not bother me much, all what i care is that people of baluchistan be ar par with the rest of the country. writ of Govt. does not only mean setting up port or roads, but setting up schools as well. regardless of what ever resistance they might get from the local sardars for this. which himslef get educated from top class places but are not willing to let thier people visit even the basic schooling. He (Mr. Bugti) was not the only nationalist in the province, there are many but except for mari tribe, no one agreed to his way of fighting for thier rights. How long can government tolerate attacks on gas pipe lines, rail tracks, roads, foreigners working in develpoment projects etc. As stated earlier i would have liked him to give up arms and act like a politician rather than a war lord. as per my little information, even the iranian province neighbouring baluchistan is the least developed in iran, so they have all those racial affiliation with their ancestors, why are they left back by them. may be the problem there is the same system of local elders of ruling while keeping their people illitrate and ignorant.
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eggfooyoung       8/31/2006 1:27:39 AM

Its just that an avergae beautiful Paksitanian  girl will kill herself before she gives herself to an arab (afro-asian).  Reality hurts!!!!!


really?!!! is that the reason why pakis(men and women) identify more with african -americans and paki girls listen to hip-hop,mimic the lingo and act like they are 'ho's.come to brooklyn...i'll give a a taste of ur coffee. and by the way the day u pakis converted en masse into islam..u lost ur dont go bragging that u are aryans.u do not have neither the culture,rituals nor the intelligence of aryan peoples.and FYI aryans are not anti-semites.persians turned anti-semites after they chose islam as their get real..and dont be under any have been intellectually and culturally enslaved by a  race of morons. and besides, the root word is indo-european..not shut up.

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chupooey       8/31/2006 6:15:53 AM

My dear replyer (not sure of your affiliation)

let me assure you that i have read your reply at least three times. but please do let me know how do you relate it with my post. i fail to understand where from arabs come into question in this post? and by the way i think girls in arab world are more prettier than in pakistan (just my feeling). as far as association with persia - aryan is concerned. they did mix in indo-pak, but is it fair to expect the whole generation coming from that breed. where did the indigenous people of this land went?

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olive greens       8/31/2006 8:14:05 AM

Spoken like a true Panjabi. Brutalizing the Baluch won't solve
anything. The Baluch are first cousins to the Persians. Sooner or later
Baluchistan will split off from Pakistan and  go with the
Iranians. The Iranians are very anti-semitic. So are the Baluch.

The Jews and Arabs (Muslims and Christians) are semites. Most
Pakistanians identify with the Arabs (semites). Historically, the
Persians sold the semites (Arabs) as slaves. Racially and ethnically
the semites are of mixed White European and African stock, while
the  Persians and Pakistanis are of Aryan stock (Indo-European
mix)  with almost no African mix. The Arabs look at the Aryan
Persians and Pakistanias with quite a bit of distrust. The Persians
(Iranians) recognize this. The Pakistanias are somewhat naive, and dont
realize that they are of the Indo-European stock and not the Arabic
(Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt)  stock.

The Baluch dont identify with the Arabs, only with the Iranians.
Killing Mr. Bugti has martyred him to an average Baluch and given him a
cause to fight for.  Everyone in Pakistan, Sfghanistan and
Baluchistan is looking for a good reason to fight.

Yes there will be chaos and Baluchistan will merge with Iran. Killing Mr. Bugti was a big mistake.

God help India if Borgia is a representative of its understanding of the Baluch situation!

Its perfectly okay to pop corn and watch Paks stew in their own juice; not so okay to volunteer completely baseless information in support of a vague campaign. Somethings Borgia must know about the Baluchis:

* Baluchis are also waging another war of independence in the Iranian Baluchistan. So much for their Iranian first-cousins. Further its poisoned by Baluchs being Sunni, and Iranians being Shia.

* Baluchi tribes are formed on the basis of hamsaya - anyone can take refuge among the tribes and become a member. You can be anything - Jatt, Rajput, Pathan, Mede, Persian, Arab, Brahui, Turk - or everything.

* Much of Pakistani Baluchistan actually belonged to the Gulf Emirs (bought by Paks sometime in 1950s) - and Baluchs were very happy with them. Witness the caste/class composition of the "Baluch Regiment" between 1880-1947 -- British had to fill it completely with Punjabi Muslims (with a small portion of "loyal" Pathans) because all Baluchs prefered working for the Arabs. Even now thousands of Baluch men opt to serve in Arab armies (because the Arabs are too lazy to do infantry/fatigue duty), while Pakistani Army continues to pretend that the 3% Baluchs in the Pak Army justify an entire Regiment of its name.

Baluchistan Campaign, in reality, is nothing more than a guinea-pig for Pakistani "modernizers" (aka Pinko-Pakis) to assuage their guilt for not having the moral courage to take on other stronger feudal barons in Punjab, Sindh or NWFP. Let Pakistanis try something similar in NWFP (which supplies a more significant 20% of the Army, and has real benefactors in Afghanistan), and then we can start to buy their reasoning.
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chupooey    Borgia   9/2/2006 6:44:37 AM
Well not only i am a proud pakisani but also Alhamdo lil Allah enjoy good eye sight with no problem what so ever of color blindness. this text is written in purple to show that. i feel really sorry for you that the arab girls around you have thick lips and curly hairs because there is absolutely no such problem with me, only little problem is that of height but its comparable with pakis as well. i did not make a full scale verdict there, i only stated my feeling which could be short term as well and are by any definition of feeling likely to change. but i would not go on making a big statement of calling paki girls million times prettier than any other girl in the world. but i w ould like to know one thing, are you a girl ?????   just a question that would explain alot.............
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