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Subject: Namibia
Roman    9/6/2006 3:52:24 PM
Namibia seems to be moving in the direction of Zimbabwe with extreme hostility to its white farmers and the dispossetion of their land (or worse...). Apart from this and some mineral deposits, though, I am not sure about anything of strategic significance in Namibia - the South African occupation is, after all, long over. Due to this and the lack of activity on the board (no actual threads about Namibia on this board prior to this thread), I am wondering why Namibia has its own board, when countries like, for example, Poland do not.
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Yimmy       9/6/2006 4:37:19 PM
I didn't know Namibia had its own board, but it is a beutiful country so I vote it keeps it. :D

I don't believe Namibia is moving towards Zimbabwe though, if anything the persecution of the white farmers etc is reducing from the high of independence. The military is a joke today though compared to what it once was as part of South West Africa.

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