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Subject: Pay scope’s up for submariners
AdamB    1/24/2008 1:26:33 PM
Pay scope’s up for submariners By JOHN KAY Chief Reporter Published: 09 Jan 2008 The Sun THE Navy is offering £1,000 “bounties” to tackle a recruiting crisis hitting Britain’s submarine fleet. The senior service is short of specialist engineers among crews. The deficit is caused by potential matelots being unwilling to spend months undersea, viewing daylight through periscopes, away from loved ones. Now top brass are offering people in the Army, RAF, and Navy £1,000 for every submariner they recruit who stays on for at least 18 weeks of training. They have handed out 20,000 “cash under the sea” credit card-sized bounty cards. Recruits will be eligible for a £5,000 “golden hello” in “submarine specialist pay”. They will also qualify for a £5,500 bonus after five years. Britain has 13 nuclear-powered subs including the state-of-the-art HMS Astute, launched last year. A Navy spokesman said: “The bounty is one of several ways of attracting the highest quality people.” Ex-Navy officer Mike Critchley, publisher of Warship World, said: “Living in a pretty small steel tube under the sea with 100 other people is not everyone’s cup of tea. “I’m sure this scheme will get the men the Navy needs.”
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VelocityVector       1/24/2008 6:14:11 PM

A significant problem is that submariners lack Internet access while at sea.  The problem is generational and something higher-ups don't readily appreciate.  Young technically-inclined sailors *expect* to interact with the world online and being deprived of this access heightens their sense of isolation as compared with their predecessors despite the fact they're kept busy.  Or so I hear ;>)

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VelocityVector       1/24/2008 11:27:50 PM

To add FWIW:

A savvy navy might install an isolated COTS teraflop server on its long duration boats.  Each boat will get wired with quieted and stowable thin-client laptops at each berth, zero ports and sound available only through headsets.  Build "secure" virtual community spaces, each individual can choose what to share from his war chest compiled on land, and can also include boat proprietary toolkits.  Sailors will receive thumb drives in advance of a cruise to which they can dump everything public sector from SP threads to happy hunting photos (panty shots) to gag photoshops, classic texts and contemporary music.  Less coverage but ultimately greater detail.  Onshore officer review and scan, then a thumb transfer into each crewman's "secure" space on the boat's crew server.  Email to family and friends gets stored until the boat is in a position to transmit.  Underway the crew can choose to mail one another, share files (music, diaries, etc), open threads, tease and chat through the local segregated network.  They can communicate thoughts and files re technical training and personal issues.  Play MMRPGs.  What happens on the boat network mostly stays on the boat network, assuming no criminal suspicions by the officers, until purged just prior to landfall - no offloads enabled.  Create a surrogate Internet, boost morale and retain the technically-inclined.  Costs less than bonuses alone.  Plus the officers can figure out a way to use the extra capacity in a pinch for whatever serves the boat and the navy.  0.02


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jimbo55       1/26/2008 6:59:47 PM
I think that is a great idea, it's is something like you say that the senior military people dont realise is as important as it is.
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buster       2/8/2008 5:52:10 PM
Happy with the grand if i can get some people to join.
I am even happier with my 2.6% pay rise and an extra £5 per day in submarine pay.
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Yimmy       2/8/2008 6:10:17 PM
I saw brief mention of this 2.6% pay rise on sky rolling news.

Is this in place of the standard inflation keeping 6 monthly pay rise from the date you joined, or is it in addition?  And I assume it is for reserves as well as regular forces?

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buster       2/9/2008 4:13:29 PM
I dont have a clue about the reserves.
All we were told was that we get 2.6% as of the first of april and we get a extra 1% X-factor (inflation) payrise on the first of april as well. pluss the £5 submarine pay means that my wages do up by over £130 per month. Ether way im not complaining.
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