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Subject: Fake Viagra in UK
YelliChink    9/17/2007 11:21:26 PM Details of their vast network – stretching from Britain to Hong Kong, Dubai, the US and the Bahamas – emerged yesterday as justice finally caught up with the conmen. In the largest drug counterfeiting case in Britain, and after a trial lasting more than seven months, Halai, 33, was jailed at Kingston Crown Court for four and a half years as one of the key players in the plot. Nine accused of running counterfeit drugs ring From his £1 million home in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, he helped to mastermind an operation in which fake pills were produced at secret factories in China and Pakistan and smuggled to the US and Europe. The rewards, the court was told, were “immense”.
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perfectgeneral       9/18/2007 5:07:20 AM
I bet none of them were hard up after that venture
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Armchair Private       9/20/2007 8:17:39 PM

I bet none of them were hard up after that venture

This stuff really sticks in your gullet doesn't it?

Anyway, I'm of to lie down.

Got a stiff neck.
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