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Subject: New Light wheeled vehicle
flamingknives    9/5/2007 5:39:40 PM
h*tp:// Well, it'll be enough to make the Mike Sparks afficionadoes amongst us spontaneously combust. I think it looks wheely cool, which is obviously an important design decision. On the reality side, it should have excellent mobility, minimal impact on roads and pretty good environmental characteristics for whatever they want to carry on it. No doubt the Scary Mail and Eureferendum will also be having screaming hab-dabs about how it isn't armoured sufficient to withstand thermonuclear groundbursts and anti-tank missiles. I've not heard squaddies making such a fuss about their Landrover WMIKs (not the infamous Snatches)
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bob the brit       9/5/2007 5:50:22 PM
sat's swun sexy supacat
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ArtyEngineer       9/5/2007 6:52:12 PM
I absolutely love the Supacat family of vehicles.  The really are quite impressive.  WTF is the deal with DML being involved!!!!  Since when have they been involved with anything other than Naval Support activities?  Curious as I almost went to work for DML after University and at that time I dont recollect them being in anyway involved with vehicles.
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flamingknives       9/6/2007 2:36:45 PM
I must confess that I don't know what DML are up to. Best guess is that they are physically fairly close together, DML is used to handling restricted stuff (like guns) and Supacat aren't.
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