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Subject: Captain Jan, the transsexual Para, sues the Army for unfair dismissal
VelocityVector    7/15/2007 9:00:54 PM
Britain's Corporal Klinger/Mrs. Garrison . . . I should think there would be no issue provided the captain gave her employer fair notice regarding the procedure . . . thoughts? Captain Jan, the transsexual Para, sues the Army for unfair dismissal By ELIZABETH DAY - Last updated at 22:45pm on 14th July 2007 Daily Mail (UK) Comments Comments (16) The first transsexual officer in the Armed Forces is set to sue the Ministry of Defence for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination. Jan Hamilton, a former male captain in the Parachute Regiment who is now living as a woman, will lodge court papers claiming she was sexually discriminatedagainst and unfairly dismissed in April from a £45,000-a-year post. Captain Hamilton, 42, had been due to become head of media relations for the British Army in Gibraltar in May. But after she refused to turn up at a medical examination dressed in a male uniform – which her lawyers argue would have been 'humiliating and demeaning' – the job offer was withdrawn. . . . Comment by a local poster: "Not only should Captain Hamilton be reinstated, she should be compensated for the absolutely disgraceful way in which she has been treated. Changing gender does not make her less capable of serving her country." h**p:// v^2
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