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Subject: Panther CLVs - any news?
Tale    5/12/2007 9:48:42 AM
A couple of years ago the Iveco Panther was chosen to replace the Landrover in a number of roles for the army. About 400 were to be bought undergoing trials last year and entering service sometime this year. The first batch of trials seemed to go ok but since then Ive seen nothing on their progress. Then today I catch a throwaway comment on a wiki discussion page saying the RAF Regiment had returned their Panthers due to unovercomable (if thats even a word) difficulties. Now Ive searched to try and find this news somewhere else and can't but equally when a vehicle is supposed to be nearly in-service and nothings been heard on it for over a year thats generally a bad sign. So has anybody hear heard anything on the Panthers progress? Is it the disastorous failure that unverified throwaway comment indicates?
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flamingknives       5/12/2007 7:09:57 PM
I've seen it rolling around Bovington Camp every time I've been down there over the past year. Can't say anything about whether it has gone in service yet, but I don't know how the RAF regt. could have returned kit it hasn't been issued. They do normally announce when they put new kit into service.
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