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Subject: Royal Marine survives missile by jumping over it
AdamB    3/15/2007 3:12:05 PM
An enemy in Afghanistan fires a missile at a Royal Marine at 130 metres per second - and the Royal Marine just jumped over it! He then blasted the attacker with a mortar..... Marine's Elvis jump saves life By TOM NEWTON DUNN Defence Editor March 15, 2007 A LUCKY Royal Marine has told how he escaped death from a Taliban rocket — by jumping in the air like ELVIS so the speeding missile flew underneath him. Garry Halliwell, 28, had moments to react as the 130 metres-a-second rocket propelled grenade hurtled towards him at knee height. The commando — dubbed Geri by pals in Afghanistan — decided the last second “disco” jump was his only hope. At the crucial moment he did an airborne SPLITS and dodged the killer rocket. Garry, of J Company, 42 Commando, said: “I couldn’t believe it went through. My Elvis routine helped. I do it on the dancefloor.” In reply, he blasted the attacker with a mortar, in Helmand province.
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AdamB       3/15/2007 3:12:44 PM,,2007120605,00.jpg" border=0>
All shook up... how Garry, inset, dodged rocket by doing an "Elvis-style" jump over it
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