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Subject: How can the British government build the British military up again.
jamesbaf    2/11/2007 12:36:38 PM
The British military is very small and i was just wondering if there is any chance of the government putting money into the military,has the government got the money or are they being tight about spending it on our military.
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perfectgeneral    has the government got the money?   2/11/2007 11:19:15 PM
Well the tax bill is large. All that money seems to be going on (mis)management and PPFI handouts. A more speculative approach to housing (build council houses and sell them off) might take some pressure out of the housing market and help the coffers of the exchequer. An iron fist on the more free spending departments (relatively) might leave some fiscal room for manouver at the MoD. Even then, we would have to hope that it doesn't get spent on more armchairs for Whitehall and EDS computer contracts.

I'd be happy with a 0.5% of GDP increase ramped up by 0.05% each year for ten years. The first extra 0.05% of GDP would be spent entirely on marketing aimed at justifying greater defence spending. Especially on hard to explain notions like the benefits of a blue water navy.

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