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Subject: Red Arrows to get the axe by Tony Blair???
DropBear    2/9/2007 1:40:32 PM
Is this true as I read about it on
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Yimmy       2/9/2007 2:01:06 PM
First I have heard of it.

Would certainly make for easy cost-savings for us at the moment, with no effect on capabilities, but I am sure too many people would be upset at their loss for it to actually happen.  Far better to stop the para's from being parachute trained, or scrapping navy warships.  Can't be hurting the RAF now can we.

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neutralizer       2/10/2007 2:27:39 AM
It's not a decision that TB makes.  It's a decision for the RAF Board or perhaps the Defence Council.
The question is 'should the RAF be in the entertainment industry?'  It's decision of whether the PR and recruiting benefits are worth the costs.  I find it difficult to believe that the Red Arrows have any noticeable effect on recruiting.
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Donkey       2/10/2007 4:08:56 AM
Don't think that scrapping the Red Arrows would save the MOD any real cash, think that 90% or so of their budget comes from corporate sponsors.
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jamesbaf       2/11/2007 11:09:41 AM
NOOOOOOOOOOO! i love the Red Arrows although i doubt they would get rid of them because they bring a lot of people and money to the UK and they are famous where ever they go.
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