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Subject: Meet Trojan and Titan, the British Army's new boys' toys
AdamB    11/4/2006 2:43:23 PM
What about this? If the pictures don't work go to this link for the gallery - British Army unveils new Trojan tank [img],,2006510566,00.jpg[/img] Mighty Machine: the British Army's new Trojan tank [img][/img] Get out of the way!....The Army's new heavily armoured engineer tank Trojan moving a car at Bovington Military Training Area in Dorset. The British Army will have 66 of them. © PA Army unveils new Trojan tank November 04, 2006 THE Army unveils its awesome new Trojan tank yesterday. The 65-tonner, seen at Bovington, Dorset, clears mines and obstacles. Engineers will get 66 Trojans and Titan bridge-building tanks in a £250million order. -------------------------------------- Army unveils 60-tonne boys' toys Monster trucks: British Army's new giant vehicles weigh over 60 tonnes and can move up to 56km per hour They weigh over 60 tonnes, move at speeds of up to 56km an hour and can demolish virtually every obstacle on the modern battlefield. And now the British Army's new breed of armoured engineering tanks are being unveiled for the first time in Dorset. Trojan and Titan, new vehicles being unveiled at Bovington Military Training Area, are said to be the most capable that the Army has operated. Trojan is able to plough through minefields, build trenches and dig defensive ditches, while Titan can lay a bridge over a 26 metre gap in just two minutes. The Royal Engineers are taking delivery of 66 new tanks under a £250 million contract with BAE Systems. It is hoped that the new armoured vehicles will give commanders a potential winning edge in battle. Lord Drayson, Minister for Defence Procurement, said: "The purchase of both Trojan and Titan is good news for our Armed Forces as it gives them increased capability and reliability on the front line. "Trojan and Titan will greatly increase the options available to commanders and represent a major improvement in terms of performance, tactical mobility and protection." The tanks will allow the Royal Engineers to provide more specialist support to troops as they cross obstacles, clear routes and construct field defences. While Trojan will mainly be used as a minefield-breaching vehicle - preparing routes and breaching complex obstacles - Titan will carry and lay bridges faster than ever before. [img][/img] The British Army's new heavily armoured engineer tank Titan building a bridge at Bovington Military Training Area in Dorset. © PA -------------------- [img][/img] Weighing in at over 60 tonnes, the Titan tank can travel at speeds of up to 56km/hr, and give front line commanders the ability to cross chasms, plough up minefields and demolish obstacles. © PA --------------------- [img][/img] The Army's new heavily armoured engineer tank Titan building a bridge at Bovington Military Training Area in Dorset. © PA ------------------------ [img][/img] Corporal Andrew Jones stands beside the Army's new heavily armoured engineer tank Trojan. © PA
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Yimmy       11/4/2006 3:07:41 PM
They look rather decent.

It is nice that we are still purchasing specialist engineer vehicles for our heavy forces, and arn't throwing all our hopes and resources into FRES type light-weight deployable stuff.

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Nanheyangrouchuan       11/5/2006 6:51:19 PM
So will a crew member of the Trojan be called a "Trojan Man"?
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