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Subject: England bows
Nanheyangrouchuan    8/26/2006 10:25:06 PM
Britain ignores asylum seeker's fears A Chinese man who fled the mainland in August 1999 faces imminent deportation back home from Britain even though he claims he will be executed, The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday. Wenqi Yang, 51, claimed he had worked for the domestic intelligence organisation in Shanghai and fled after he refused to follow government guidelines that followers of the Falun Gong should be persecuted, it said. It said he had a copy of a warrant for his arrest issued in Shanghai that read: "Wen Qi Yang was involved in activities endangering the national security of China. Agents have full authority to arrest or execute him immediately." Britain's Home Office, which is responsible for law enforcement and immigration, rejected the document, claiming it was an internal communication and that there was no evidence to back it. But Yang, who left his wife and daughter on the mainland, said they had made no efforts to check it or photographic evidence he presented to them. The Home Office first rejected his request for political asylum in 2001, and then rejected his appeal in 2004. Agence France-Presse
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