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Subject: British soldiers suffering in the Heat
Forest    8/9/2006 8:36:33 PM
A couple of newspaper articles this week have commented on the extreme temperatures Brit soldiers are working, fighting and suffering under in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The brief, relevant excerpts are from today’s Times: “The Commons Defence Committee said that soldiers in the back of Warrior armoured cars were having to endure temperatures as high as 60C (140F), which medical staff on the ground had told them could prove fatal. However, Adam Ingram, the Armed Forces Minister, had told the committee during its inquiry into conditions for troops in Iraq that there were no plans to equip Warriors and other vehicles with air conditioning. An alternative solution had been considered: to provide each soldier sitting in the back of a closed-up Warrior with coolant packs worn around their body armour.” And from the Telegraph: ”Commanders say the mission has so far been "fantastically successful", but they believe that the relentless number of back-to-back operations being fought in harsh terrain in temperatures of up to 50C is beginning to take its toll. "The men are knackered - they are on the brink of exhaustion," said one senior officer. "They are under considerable duress and have suffered great hardship."
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Yimmy    RE:British soldiers suffering in the Heat   8/9/2006 10:44:28 PM
Best we invade Sweden... its the only thing for it.
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neutralizer    RE:British soldiers suffering in the Heat   8/10/2006 5:04:41 AM
One day in August in the 3rd Afghan War the daily temp variation (ie diff min to max) was 85 F. The seasonal ranges in that country are also fairly extreme.
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perfectgeneral    RE:British soldiers suffering in the Heat   8/10/2006 7:14:52 AM
To suggest that coolant packs are prefferable to aircon shows how constrained the armed forces are by budget limits. I wonder how different the level of exhaustion would be if the vehicles had aircon fitted? Is range a factor? Aircon units drink fuel in such hot conditions. I doubt that range would be limited to a point that operational effectiveness diminished. An extra can of fuel might make the difference up. Cheap equipment, delayed procurement, undermaning and poor suppport. All signs of a cut too far. I am suprised that a stronger case for increasing the MoD budget hasn't already been made. The wheels are starting to fall off the bus.
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