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Subject: The UK is the USA's best friend.
gcw1995    5/31/2005 11:37:02 AM
First , let me say that I am a proud American Patriot. I love my country. I think that more Americans should give the Brit's a big thank you for helping us out. They also sacrificed a lot to help us out. I just wanted to say thank you. You truly are our best allies. As for France and Germany. Shame on you.
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Britain_patriot    RE:The UK is the USA's best friend.   6/1/2005 1:32:43 PM
You're welcome, what do you expect we are brothers in arms. God save the Queen and God bless America
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jamesbaf       2/3/2007 8:59:51 PM
Well at the end of the day we all want the same thing(peace)and together we can make it happen.
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displacedjim       2/11/2007 11:18:11 AM

Being our lapdog doesn't mean they are our best friends. German - Americans are still the largest single group according to Census, the brits just do eveything as we please. 

I'm a "German-American" according to my family tree (pure German-American all the way back four or five generations to Der Vaterland), and I couldn't give a rat's ass about Germany per se.  Nor do I care about the UK, or Zimbabwe, or anywhere else, if we're talking merely based on geneology.  They are our friends or are not our friends based on how they act, not on what sort of blood lines can be dredged up out of courthouse records and family Bibles--or even if an American just stepped off the boat yesterday from wherever he used to live.  The UK has clearly been about our closest ally time and again for many decades.  God save the Queen, rule Britannia, and whatever other patriotic sayings you guys have.
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Claymore       2/13/2007 3:12:54 AM
Catsul, shut up.
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SYSOP1    DEMISE of Catsoul from SysOps    2/13/2007 5:32:39 AM

Catsul, shut up.

The Litter Box has been cleaned up and thrown out. All CatSh*t has been deleted. Anti-Best friends betwen US and UK, and antiSemitic remarks  expunged.
The SysOps Collective

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perfectgeneral       2/13/2007 8:11:38 PM
Heh, heh.

Choose your words wisely. They may be your last.

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eldnah       2/13/2007 9:59:41 PM
Although the Brits and the Yanks have been loyal allies since 1900-18, I believe when push comes to shove, ie. Vietnam etc., the Aussies have been more closely aligned with the US. Even though Australia is sitting on the edge of the Pacific Rim with a population of 20 millionish surrounding by a lot of much larger countries, I believe the bond of being a,, metaphorically, sibling child of Great Britain exerts a  bond over and above the usual political folderol. So when the Prime Minester of Australia says he believes electing Obama would benefit al-Qaeda, it's family talking not Kofi Annan voicing his anti- Bush feelings prior to the 2004 election.
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Yimmy       2/13/2007 11:12:00 PM
I don't really feel you can say that Australia has been a closer ally to the US than the UK, due to Australia sending troops to Vietnam.  I am sure, if one were to research it, you could find a huge list of instances for both Australia and the UK where it comes to supporting the US.
It would be interesting to know, what the UK did (or did not do), to support the Americans in Vietnam.  It is before my time, and I honestly do not have a clue.  However I think it largely believed that the British SAS went on the ground in Vietnam, and I believe it likely that the UK helped the US behind the scenes, through access to European NATO war-stocks or other such means unbeknown to me.
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the British Lion       2/13/2007 11:47:14 PM

Vietnam is actually a very good example of how true friends and allies should disagree with eachother. The official policy of the U.K. towards the Vietnam War was opposed. The British government (officially at least) did not support the U.S. in that war. However, the U.K. did not in anyway hinder America, or try to rally support against them. In fact, as Yimmy alluded to, behind the scenes the British government did provide some, albeit limited, support... such as the S.A.S. assisting with the training of South Vietnamese troops. This doesn’t make the British government two-faced... what it does is provide an example of how you can object to what an ally is doing, but not seek to discredit or attempt to foil said ally.

A certain European country (that shall remain nameless) would do well to learn from this.


To reiterate what Yimmy said, Australia sending troops to Vietnam doesn't make it a better ally than the U.K., they just so happened to agree with the war whereas Britain did not.






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stingray1003       2/14/2007 2:18:21 AM
I think everyone can agree UK, USA and Australia are all tight friends with each other. I would say they are as tight as tight can be. It does appear that Australia is trying to get even closer into bed with the US. But all our aims and concerns are all very much the same line of thinking.
  They are all part of tens if not dozens of defence and economic agreements. Independantly of each other. It wasn't always that close (ie before WW2).
 UK is (barely haha) more wealthy, more politically important, more globally important and has a slightly larger military than Australia, so the relationship those two countries share is always going to be special. Australia provides more of that ever faithful support. We can't send tens of thousands of troops and equipment, but we can send what we can.
 Regardless, Australian accents turn americans on more than british ones. But I doubt that many Americans know Australia fought in Nam, Korea, gulf war, GFII, Afgahnistan and for a while tried to hold onto the entire pacific against the Japanese when the UK got its arse kicked. While in the US, Americans proberly perfer Australian tourists over british ones, but then again who wouldn't?
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