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Subject: Britain no longer has the cash to defend itself from every threat
YelliChink    7/25/2010 1:34:41 AM
Yup, you Britons know it's coming....... to this board, even though you all read it over every newspaper in the UK. Britain no longer has the cash to defend itself from every threat, says Liam Fox Britain cannot afford to protect itself against all potential threats to its security, Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, has warned. By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent Published: 10:03PM BST 22 Jul 2010 In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dr Fox said the dire state of the public finances meant the Armed Forces could no longer be equipped to cover every conceivable danger. ..... Dr Fox’s frank admission also casts doubt on the future of the 25,000 troops currently stationed in Germany. The Defence Secretary has previously said that he hoped to withdraw them at some point, leaving Britain without a presence in the country for the first time since 1945. “I would say, what do Challenger tanks in Germany and the costs of maintaining them and the personnel required to train for them, what does that contribute to what’s happening in Afghanistan?” he asked. =============== I agree with Dr. Fox on this one. Germans aren't, in any form imaginable or real, a threat to the UK, and there is also no military threat to Germany. Why maintaining the whole armour division there is beyond my comprehension. Let Germans defend themselves, which they are more than fully capable of. ========================================= Dr Fox signalled in a speech at Farnborough air show this week that Britain’s fleets of warships, fighters and armoured vehicles would be reduced because the MoD’s equipment programme was “entirely unaffordable”. ============= OUCH!
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