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Subject: Has Channel 4 lost the plot?!
the British Lion    12/26/2008 8:15:21 AM
Did anybody watch this? I must confess, I didn't even know about it until I read about it in this mornings newspaper. What the hell were C4 thinking?! Maybe they should be "wiped off the planet." B.L.
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YelliChink       12/26/2008 10:51:26 AM
You gotta love liberal media, or in the case of your country, left-tainted MSM. I've seen that on and I can't feel anything anymore. It's not even the first time things like this happened. Remember how media reported about Hitler, Stalin and Mao? Same thing.
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FJV    What were they thinking   12/26/2008 4:51:57 PM
Comic relief?

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