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Subject: Changes in FRES priorities
BRoger    12/5/2008 11:05:26 AM
Reports in today's media indicate that FRES has avoided being cut in response to the MOD's budgetary pressures, but will experience a change in priorities. The 'Scout' variant will be prioritised over the 'Utility' variant (bad news for GD). Does anyone know of the plans / requirements for the 'Scout' variant. I.e. is it planned to be tracked? Will it be an off the shelf solution that is upgraded or a more bespoke offering? Would welcome any insights / views...
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BRoger       12/5/2008 11:08:36 AM
Apologies for the multiple posts - Server Error messages!
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flamingknives       12/5/2008 2:44:34 PM
AFAICT, the Utility Vehicle has had problems with contracts - it's the only thing I can think of that has delayed it since the beginning of this year.

In the UV role, the British Army has Bulldog and Mastiff, in the scout role there is CVR(T) which is at least as old as FV432 but with less scope for improvement due to a more optimized chassis.

Interestingly the FRES scout turret assessment was recently let out to Lockheed Martin UK. There's been no hint of what the hull will be, but if the turret isn't defined yet, it's less likely that the hull is.
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neutralizer       12/6/2008 2:43:10 AM
The British Army does not use the term 'scout', except I think in the context of a 'forward scout', an individual, and probably particular to jungle operations.
The recce variant of FRES is almost certain to be tracked, UK hasn't uses a wheeled armd recce veh since Fox and that was not exactly a howling success.  For unarmoured recce stripped landrovers have been the go for decades and most recently Jackal.
The CVR family are the main armd recce vehs, used by recce regts, recce tps in armd regts and recce pls in armd/mech inf bns where they are equipped with RARDEN.  Presumably these are the first priority.  Engr recce also uses CVR, but the APC variant.  However, there are suggestions that arty observers (presumably those using Warrior OPV (which probably has the best ISTAR fit of any current UK recce veh)) and FACs also using the CVR APC version could also be on the list.  However, these seem to be combining and becoming FSTs but the total party is probably far too large for FRES recce athough the ISTAR fit may be suitable.
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