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Subject: Help needed British cathedral identification
DropBear    8/1/2008 12:39:49 AM
Folks, Do any of you know what the name of the cathedral is that has the large elevated oxen sculptures. They are life size and in the usual external position (forget the architectural term) that you find gargoyles. Thanks.
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Armchair Private    ?   8/1/2008 12:56:09 PM
Durham is festooned with freisians, haloed by hovering holstein heifers...
Don't know that they're life size though.
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DropBear       8/1/2008 11:42:44 PM
Was mistaken in thinking it was in Britain. I have found it and it was the Laon cathedral in France.
I was looking at a BBC series and thought it was still a UK building.
Thanks for that link by the way. Here is what I meant..." width="500" border="0" />
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perfectgeneral2       8/2/2008 7:18:22 PM
Is this what you mean?

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