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Subject: Does anyone remember the battle of Yorktown?!
Danton74    10/19/2006 11:32:46 PM
I didn't think it worth posting in the USA board so the French "Union" (LOL!!) will do... Is this day noted in the states? I mean, it seems to be of some importance in historical terms but has that now been lost in the mists of time...?
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Panther       10/20/2006 12:41:11 AM
I didn't think it worth posting in the USA board so the French "Union" (LOL!!) will do...
That's rather presumptous Danton74! It's well remembered in our history classes, atleast when i went to school over several decades ago. The importance of french help at the time lived well beyond a hundred years and quite possibly still does, even with all the rhetoric flying across the atlantic... give or take a few rough spot's in US - French relations in between that time. Perhaps, with the current furor aside over modern day differences, which there always will be, there is no reason for the two republics to be at each other's throats on a continuous basis. No, i don't think it's been lost in the mist of time, perhaps... quite a bit more inaudible at the moment, what with all the rhetoric flying both way's across the ocean.
Then again, that is too be expected when an unhealthy dose of bias from most European press and the one sided view of theirs only confirms the myth of what and who we are. It does seem to be constantly crammed down it's citizens throat's all the time about us ignorant, arrogant, greedy, war-like Americans and their stupid cowboyish leader! You might get a little bit of the flavor on why most Americans are disgusted and getting more put out with quite a few European countries and the shared histories that  the US and quite a few on the European continent have together over the past two hundred year's! It really doesn't need to be that way. But... how can i put this as bluntly and as gently as i can, it just seem's too be what the average European need's in order to feel good about themseleves, i guess! Incidentally... i'm no great fan of our media either. 
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